Socal/Norcal Toyota Purchase and Lease deals. MSRP and discount list at Bottom

The easier way to go about it is to tell me what you are looking for specifically. Keep in mind that Rav4s are hard to get on short notice.

Toyota hardly makes any of the 4 Cylinder Double cabs SR5s. I have the a Black SR5 V6 coming in at MSRP with no dealer markup/accessories

sending PM

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rav4 adventure in either lunar rock or white

I have Rav4 Adventure available at MSRP coming in.

so those that dont denote “no broker fee” have broker fees?


Hi Jeff,

Are you able to preorder the BZ4X for msrp? And if so, what kind of wait time are we looking at?


I cant order or waitlist you for the BZ4X at MSRP at this time, the amount of people with deposits is already overwhelming on it. Market on it currently is quite a bit over MSRP.

Now taking deposits for 2023 Corolla Cross Hybrids at MSRP!!!

If interested please call/text 310-405-3507 quick to minimize the wait time, wait lists get very long as time goes on

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What about the 2023 Sequoia’s? Taking deposits on those yet?

Yes im taking deposits on those

Is there available or incoming Camry hybrid? XLE preferably. what is the mark up?

Pricing varies greatly depending on your timeframe, the best deals take multiple months to secure

I could wait 2-3 months. Is there a chance to get msrp deal?

Probably closer to 3-5 months for MSRP and has to be SE Hybrid or XSE Hybrid. Toyota makes very few of the XLE Hybrids.

If you cant wait let me know and I can still get it but it will be over MSRP

Interested in the tacoma 4x4 long bed is it still available

Yes I have TRD Sport 4x4 Longbed or TRD Offroad 4x4 Premium Long Beds coming in at MSRP

Do you have any CR-V Hybrids currently for lease? I am looking to get one in the next 1-3 weeks.

Hi Jeff, I’m looking for Highlander XLE 15k miles

Hi Jeff,

Still available? Can you give me the specs?