Socal/Norcal Toyota + Lexus Purchase and Lease deals

Hi Jeff. What’s the average markup for the Sienna Hybrids?

You might want to include ‘how long’. Isn’t it like a 1yr wait list as well?

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Depends on trim but usually $5k and up, wait time is usually 1-2 months if you are flexible

@forbs the extremely long wait lists are for dealers doing MSRP on them, which I stopped doing because 90% of the time people back out after a few months or the dealer gets overwhelmed and never assigns them one.

NORCAL hybrids at MSRP!!! These are unreserved as of 3/21, deposit needed to reserve.

If you want one of these do not wait, every time I do these posts there are always people that will call days later and are disappointed when I don’t have it anymore.

2023 Rav4 Hybrid LE AWD (1 ONLY, not replicable)
2023 Camry Hybrid Nightshade/XSE/XLE
2023 Crown Limited Hybrid AWD
2023 Highlander Hybrid XLE AWD and 2WD
2023 Highlander Hybrid Limited AWD
2023 Highlander Hybrid Bronze edition 2WD

Be prepared to purchase, lease on all these are terrible

Sienna and Rav4 Hybrid (except the one posted) are NOT at MSRP

Broker Fee: $595

Call/text Jeff at 310-405-3507

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Come on SoCal Hybrids!

Hot in stock Socal Toyotas deals!!!

2023 Sienna Limited Hybrid 2WD at $2900 over MSRP :fire: (1 ONLY, not replicable)

2023 Corolla Cross XLE 2WD and AWD at $1050 under MSRP

2023 Highlander Hybrid Limited 2WD and AWD at MSRP

2023 Corolla Hatchback SE at MSRP

2023 Camry Nightshade Gas at $1850 under MSRP

2023 Crown Platinum Hybrid AWD at MSRP

$595 Broker Fee

Call/text Jeff at 310-405-3507