Socal/Norcal Toyota + Lexus Purchase and Lease deals

Sienna’s are still pretty rare. While Toyota seems to be slapping together Highlanders, Sienna’s appear to be made from unobtainium. No doubt some of that has to do with the hybrid only configuration of the Sienna, but I can’t help but think that minivans are always the unwanted stepchild for manufacturers, and given a choice Toyota will coddle it’s Highlander and stick it to the Sienna. I sure hope that this self inflicted sales massacre isn’t used to later justify killing off the Sienna when this generation comes to a close. I don’t think so, as Toyota is always loathe to leave a segment, but you never know.

You haven’t lived until you automatic sliding door. :slight_smile:

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After I sold my ‘21 Sienna AWD to a local dealer, it promptly disappeared from their website the same day that they got the title in the mail. It had 21K miles on it and was listed about $10K above the original sticker.

Demand still far outstrips supply here in LA.

I will say though that I am finally seeing them on the road on a consistent basis. The first year that we had the car we literally never saw another one on the road.

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Toyota is cranking out a lot of higher priced/higher profit Lexus RX hybrids.

Siennas are extremely hot currently and have been for a while now. All of them are well over MSRP and almost never in stock (Sorry, no way around this).

The lease on it is terrible, its a 0.00245 Money factor and the markup gets split throughout the lease.

Minivans in general have poor leases this month. If you are open to other Minivans I am discounting Pacificas and Odysseys currently and they usually are in stock.

If you are set on leasing and need the space then I highly suggest 3 row SUVs, there are a few I can suggest that have very appealing leases this month

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Inquiring minds want to know! :slight_smile:

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Are you doing below msrp on Odysseys?

Pathfinders and 2022 Pilots are low this month


Currently yes

In Stock SOCAL end of month Lexus blowouts!!! Must buy before 2/1

2023 ES350 gas at $2700-$3000 under MSRP

2023 RX 350 gas Premium 2WD at $3300-$3500 under MSRP

2023 RX 350 gas Premium Plus 2WD at $3500 under MSRP

2023 RX 350 gas Luxury 2WD at $3700 under MSRP

2023 IS 300 Base at $3500 under MSRP

2023 NX 350 Gas AWD at $3400 under MSRP 1 only

2023 NX 350 Gas Premium AWD at $3600 under MSRP 1 only

2023 NX 350 Gas Luxury AWD at $3600 under MSRP 1 only

Broker Fee: $595

Call/text Jeff at 310-405-3507

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Jeff any Venza deals?

Wow, wish I had seen this when it was posted. What would the monthly have been for the ‘23 RX premium plus (36/39 7,500) with only first month and tags at signing (~$1,500)?

If you are asking about a lease the lease is abysmal on it. I can quote you on a purchase if youd like

I wouldnt lease it, has poor incentives.

Toyota and Lexus is meant for purchase this month

$1700 minimum driveoffs + $595 Broker Fee

36/7500 - $799 plus tax
39/7500 - $756 plus tax

Yes purchase.
Would appreciate a quote for 23 XLE and Limited.
Shipping is free in SoCal?

Any deals on Nx450h for purchase below MSRP? Thanks

Any Lease Deals for Toyota bz4x ?

Even if I discount a base model its still $700+ a month

Any update on purchase quote for Venza XLE/Limited?

They are scarce in Socal, let me know what colors you are open to