Socal/Norcal Toyota + Lexus Purchase and Lease deals. ES350 Clearance!

Are they in NorCal?

Socal Pickup

I have a Socal Highlander Hybrid XLE 2WD that slipped through the crack and is in stock today at MSRP (1 ONLY)

MSRP is $46XXX

Call/text Jeff at 310-405-3507

Any tundra deals?

I have too many ES350 gas models in stock, doing crazy pricing for a bit to move a few. These are CHEAP

2024 Lexus ES350 Base


$2000 due at signing + $595 Broker Fee

36/7500 - $455 plus tax
36/10k - $466 plus tax

Call/text Jeff at 310-405-3507


hi Jeff,

Are any of these still available? Probably looking to purchase vs lease. thanks

Yes I have some in stock, call or text me 3104053507

Any Prius Primes available (or on the horizon)? I’m in SoCal

I would stick with the Rav4 Prime as Prius Primes are over MSRP here.

Yes I can get them. Give me a call to discuss options 3104053507

Got it, thank you. It was between the Prius Prime and something from KIa/Hyundai (EV) so I’ll review the options in the Hyundai/KIA thread

Jeff has an Ioniq 5 or a Niro for a better rate than the Prius prime I bet

I have a high demand Cheapie RX350 Base gas that made it through the cracks if someone is quick today.


$5000 off MSRP, $595 Broker Fee

Call/text Jeff at 310-405-3507

Word on the street though is that the Rav4 Primes have obnoxiously noisy cabins. Prius Prime seems to be built quite a bit better and better noise-insulated.

Couple new in stock deals for Socal

Toyota Camry SE Gas @ $2000 under MSRP

Lexus NX350h Hybrid AWD @ MSRP for month end

Lexus NX450h Plugin Hybrid :electric_plug: :battery: AWD @ $2500 under MSRP (and $7500 lease to buy rebate)

Broker Fee: $499

Call/text Jeff at 310-405-3507