SoCal Lexus and Toyota Lease Numbers

Hey all! could use some numbers…
I could use the June numbers to see if it would be a good idea for a lease-to-buy sort of thing on…

  • 2016 Toyota Rav4 Hybrid
  • 2016 Lexus RX450h

zip code:91731

thanks in advance!

Southern California

2016 RAV4 Hybrid XLE
24/12K: 71% residual, .00068 MF
36/12K: 64% residual, .00068 MF

2016 RAV4 Hybrid Limited
24/12K: 68% residual, .00068 MF
36/12K: 61% residual, .00068 MF

Don’t have the numbers for RX450h yet…

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Rav4 Hybrid XLE
$700.28 drive offs
$341.28 before tax.

That is with $500 msrp Discount.