SoCal lease help - trade in - car to be registered in NJ

Hey Hackers need some help.

I need to trade in my car, current in SoCal but registered in New Jersey. 2017 Ford Mustang, premium eco boost convertible. 17k miles. I need to lease a suv/pickup. Flexible on what car budget is around 500 a month. Do dealers in Cali offer NJ tax rebate? For example if I’m trading in a car worth 20k in NJ and buying/leasing a car worth 30k I only pay tax on the difference. New car needs to be registered in NJ.

Sorry to clarify, I can pick the car up in SoCal and trade the car in SoCal.

I dont understand. Trade in is registered in nj and lease will register in nj?

Correct, I moved out to SoCal from nj and now moving back to NJ. Work contract fell apart so need to rid of my convertible in Cali and lease a northeast appropriate car.

Sell the mustang privately. Shouldn’t be that hard. You’ll get more even after accounting for the tax break.

Lease a car when you’re back in NJ. Otherwise you’re stuck having to ship it. And CA dealers generally don’t want to do out of state leases even for neighboring states like AZ, so it’s a pretty safe bet they won’t handle NJ reg and tax.

I don’t understand why a mustang is undriveable in NJ and an Suv is a “NorthEast” appropriate car. NJ is not next to Saskatchewan last time I checked. You need SUV if you live on hills on farms where the nearest plowed road is 20 miles away i.e. Not NJ.

If the trade-in value of a mustang is much higher in Cali, then by all means dump it there. Your work contract fell apart. So take your time, drive the mustang cross-country and enjoy the scenery in the mustang. Mustang + convertible + road trip + wind in your hair = America…

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