SOCAL Lease Help Needed!

Greater Los Angeles Area… Really in need of some help here.

Currently have: 2020 Toyota Camry AWD XSE w/ pano roof. 2083 miles as of today. Paying 550/mo (awful, I know) Payoff is roughly 31k after payment comes out in a few days. KBB says trade is roughly 25,500 (expecting roughly 750-1k more hopefully)

Looking to get into a new lease in between 375-425 a month. I know my negative will cost roughly $20 per/ 1k to the lease. Ideally $0 DAS, could put first month down if necessary. No MSD as I don’t have the cash for it.

Retired Army, qualify for all military incentives.

I’m just looking for help at this point. I’m paying too much for this car, and will be moving to TN in a few months, would like to get a good lease in while I can. If nothing can be done, so be it.

If you’re a broker, I don’t mind paying a broker fee if you can make it work.

Thank y’all in advance.

You need to get purchase quotes from carvana/shift/vroom/etc to see what can actually be done here.

Waiting on Vroom right now, Shift said they couldn’t price due to “volatile pricing”.

Carvana is showing right under 24. Wow.

@Mikenikes Was this a purchase or a lease?

This is way too broad and I’m struggling to not move it to the wanted ads. Please suggest a vehicle or two that you actually want and go from there. Otherwise this is a pointless free for all.


It was a lease, 3yr 12k per.

My apologies, wasn’t trying to be broad. Genuinely looking for help at this point, or if there is even a way out when being this negative.

I had seen while searching for Socal leases a Volvo S60 at around 250, but with MSD and money DAS. If there is a way to make something like that work, it would be ideal. The best car I can get for the money, the struggle is the negative equity.

I was a salesman at Toyota at the time when I got the vehicle, also got a Highlander XLE for around 600 a month. I received both vehicles at dealer invoice cost, but had put negative into those as well. At this point I’ve just rolled negative, into negative, into negative. Poor financial decisions coupled with now being unemployed are making it to where I can’t afford 550 a month for a Camry.

If the post need be deleted, then do so, I’m just looking for a bit of guidance on what my options might be at this point.

Thank you for your service but they bent you over a 31K Camry for $550 is a joke this isn’t going to be a easy fix when you have $5-6K of negative equity. You are looking at between $150-180 a month added in just negative equity to the payment. You say you are cash strapped at the moment you would need a cheap econo box say a corolla or civic but I don’t know if they will allow you to roll that much on a el cheap o. You are in his neck of the woods for now you should have reached out to him he could have saved you from this. @Cody_Carter


Oh I got bent over, but I had 5k negative rolled into it to start. I was a salesman at Toyota and still let it happen to me LOL.

I figured yeah, roughly 150 added to a lease regardless due to the negative, all comes down to trade valuation I suppose.

Oh sorry I didn’t see where you rolled 5K in negative to start.

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Tacos lease well but the negative at .00200+ MF won’t be pretty.

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I might just be screwed at this point, which is of course my own fault. I could make it work, but leases in TN are nothing compared to CA, was hoping to get a decent deal in before I left.

Even here in CA? Something to look at, I sure miss my Tundra.

Suggest reaching out to @Cody_Carter then and see if there’s anything he can do for you.


Hopefully a Toyota dealer can match or beat the best offer from those online companies like vroom

Reached out, thank you.

I know when I worked at Toyota we would always match or beat, just waiting on Vroom to see what the damage really is.

There are at least 5 quote providers and there’s no rhyme/reason to which one is highest so make sure to get quotes from all of them.

That is what I’m doing at this point, we will see what happens.

Try Algo as well

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