SoCal June Lease Deals - Lexus, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover, Cadillac, Hyundai, VW, Acura, Infiniti, Jeep, KIA

Cadillac Escalade and XT4 demo deals added! (top of list)

Do you have any Acura MDX hybrid?

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Hi yes I do have access to Acura MDX hybrid.

Any cadillac xt-5 loaner with dark colored exterior available?

Hi I did have a XT5 loaner, Ill see if it is still available. If not I can still offer good deals on a new XT5

Definitely interested in the numbers- 10k/year

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INSANE Lexus GX deal posted. Only 1 at this price (top of list) $59k MSRP - $433 + tax

Any BMW i3 or Lexus NX300 loaners?
Thank you.

Hi kiriguy, I don’t really get Lexus loaners, bmw occasionally but not i3

I do get pretty aggressive leases. This month is great for Lexus. Send me a PM with details if you’re interested

New Escalade special added new car non demo.
Sorry about the blurry image was sent to me from dealer :sweat_smile::joy:

Still available? Can WA resident get that?

I can ask Monday if we can do this deal with WA residents. Yes still available

Any deal on Lexus RX450h with the 360 surround view camera option? Thanks

Sent you a message

Is this Lexus GX premium or the base model?

Premium with navigation + more not base

Great, also to confirm 19 or 20

2019, this info is all in my original post along with the MSRP

Yes I will PM you now.

We can do Lexus deals with WA residents, so you can take advantage of this deal. You just need to fly down to sign and pick up the car or fly down sign and we can have it delivered with a flatbed to you in WA.