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Would love to see the breakdown for the cost on your spreadsheet!

Text him, he’s a dealer so he can’t post it here.

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Oh i already have it, just looking forward to see the 2024 etron model on there.


Oh I read it as you wanted his spreadsheet broken down, not Add that nice Etron to it!

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I’ll add it in a few minutes! It’s not LH friendly unless you really want the new e-tron.

Made some improvements for the end of the month on all cars on my SS! SQ8 also added!

PM or Text for link

RS3 at Port! First we have had in months. 10k over MSRP

RS 3 at Port



Inexpensive Q4 arriving soon! Adding to spreadsheet. This will also qualify for CVRP if you meet requirements.

Any deals on the Q8 Etron premium model? I’ve go the current etron. looking to see what’s new. if there are any deals I’ll call.

Q8 is going to be expensive until rebates arrive or MF drops.

Noted. I can wait. I have equity on my current 21 etron… do you expect the value to drop significantly with the arrival of the Q8… obviously it will drop, but wanted to see the if there is a huge drop due to the change in range.

I’d guess there will be a decent drop in value, we’re already experiencing it on the pre-owned side. There is alot of money on the old e-tron right now, in addition to the new model coming out.

Any 2023 Q4 e-trons available? $0 down

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Need two more deals before the end of business today! I just added an A5 SB and Q5 to the spreadsheet with very aggressive payments. Must finalize today!


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too bad you got only 2, not twenty GTs :upside_down_face:


Agreed! Wish we had some in stock. Those are in transit.

Interested in Q5

June is looking solid for leases! Inventory is difficult on some models like the Q3, however pricing is quite a bit better on almost all models compared to last month! Q7 & Q8 Premium trims have additional rebates! Both Q4’s on my SS are looking great as well! Audi is incentivizing 24 month terms on the electric models for June. 1 GT incoming in a nice build! Please PM or text for SS.



Just sent PM!


RS Q8 Sold.