Let’s start July off with an insane demo deal

GLE 43 Coupe DEMO
$3000 DAS
$819 plus tax
36 Months 10k Miles

EZ Auto Group - Serving All of Southern California
Please contact me on HERE, TEXT, OR CALL!!

Please text or call Sam 818-263-0533

Please contact us when you are ready to go! We want to give everyone the best service possible. So get in touch with us when you are ready and you will not be disappointed! All deals are laid out on the sheet. If you need help calculating more or less down payment option please reach out!

Some of the most aggressive Mercedes pricing on here! Please contact me for any Mercedes Benz.

Can you send me info on any c43 sedans?

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PM’d about deals on GLB…am ready to go

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Please text us 818-263-0533

Sheet sent. Please text us with any questions!

Shopping for a GLB too, can you please send a sheet.

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G63 added! Blue/ Blue/Black interior

We are still working and delivering cars.

If the car you are looking for is available at one of our open network of dealerships we can do the deal and deliver to you! If the car you are looking for is on one of our network of dealerships that are closed we can put a hold on it as long as a credit application is submitted.

Thank you all & Stay safe.

All sheets sent! Had a bunch of PMs. We are working hard to acquire what you guys are looking for. Please contact us with serious inquires only! If you are ready to go!

Demos 1 of each car only!

A220 $40,600 MSRP LOADED
2k DAS
$309 plus tax
36 months 10k Miles

C300 $44,200 MSRP
2k DAS
$309 plus tax
36 months 10k miles

Do you have any 2020 MB GLB 250 FWD?

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Please send me a text message! 8182630533