Socal Hyundai + Kia Lease and Purchase Deals (April).EV/PHEV Clearance ⚡

How does the New Ioniq 6 national offer compare to getting with a broker? I see $0 down excluding tax and $239 a month.

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Do you have 36/12k option for the EV6 Wind?

Add about $16 a month for 12k

Where do you see the Ioniq 6 nation offer with 0 down and 239 a month?

Check out Hyundai’s website. The deal details will be listed. Although it says $0 down, the monthly payment does not include fees and taxes.

any with AWD ?

what color is the 2024 EV9 Wind AWD

How do higher trim VW Atlas models compare in price to the Kia/hyundai suv?

Atlas has some of the highest leases in the 3 row segment, Palisade for end of month has some of the lowest. If you like a price above please dont procrastinate

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What is the cheapest 3 row SUV that I can get?

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Do you have any hybrid sorrentos?

Yes you can call/text for information 3104053507

Any deals on dual motor AWD cars? Wind or GT line

Yes, call/text me ONLY if you are buying today 3104053507

Wow the I5 SEL went down ANOTHER $25?

How much below msrp can you get an Elantra hybrid blue & limited?

Any pricing for Kona EV SEL?

Mark your calendars… in just over a year Jeff is gonna lease me an EV9 for $400. :slight_smile:


Could you please break down the $2000 DAS

2024 Tucson SEL 2WD Gas

MSRP: $31800

$2000 due at signing + $595 Broker Fee

36/10k - $320 plus tax

For all my deals the $2000 goes towards first months payment, registration, dmv and rebate tax when applicable. Anything left over goes to cap reduction

I use $2000 driveoff as an example, you can do a different amount and I’ll adjust the payment accordingly