Socal Honda Deals (May)

About high 200s or low 300s (including tax) with $1000 due at signing on a 36/12.

If you decide this vehicle is the one you want to move forward on you can give me a call and I’ll get you exact numbers

Looking for a Honda Pilot 4wd sliver black interior. Looking to for a good lease. In California
2019 Honda Pilot
What does the lease look like for it.

Pilot LX AWD (Base Model)?

I want a lease but don’t want to specify trim-level, miles per year, money down, or my zip code.


Who has the crystal ball :crystal_ball::rofl:

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If you won’t give me a quote I will take my business elsewhere! I have four other quotes already!


LE base model

I’m looking for a 2019/2020 civic sport touring cvt. Let me know if you have any deals. Thank you.

Looking for 2020 Accord LX ( base)
Term/Miles 36/10k
Zip 90504

Hi Shawn,

I have that deal included on my top post. Lowest Mileage through Honda Financial is 12k annual miles

Thanks sir.

2020 crv ex-L 36/12 with 9.50 tax rate?

2020 and 2019 crv ex 36/12 with 9.50 tax rate?

Added 2020 and Last minute 2019 CR-V EX-L to the top post

Any deals on a Honda insight ex model? 92804. Probably 36/12k if that is the cheapest (with 12k miles)

No Dealer cash or Special money factor on an insight, Much better off buying it

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Hello, I’m interested in an Odyssey Elite, 3/15 zip code is 94544 (willing to drive down).

Thank you

Curious how much loyalty if I sell current lease

Just wanted to let everyone know what a great experience I had with Jeff in leasing a 2020 Odyssey EX-L. Jeff was always prompt and courteous with my questions and there were no surprises when I went in to pick up the car. Jeff was waiting at the dealership and made sure everything went smoothly. Jeff is a great guy and many thanks to him.

Any deals on an accord hybrid? 92804 probably 36/12