SoCal Genesis Deals

Interested in this as well :grinning:

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Add one more interested :joy:


Sorry nothing comparable to this that I can offer :-1:t3:

Anyone else agree? What was Hyundai thinking offering Standard trim with more range, but not offering most of the Advanced trim features. Why not offer Advanced trim features as a package? Grr…

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Hyundai is not the only one. Other ev who offer RWD as their standard package will show more range vs their AWD in higher package with shorter range.

Tesla is doing same with their standard range. No premium audio etc.

FYI: For GV70 EV, Costco gets you a $900 discount, and the Genesis discount is now $18,500.

I think the $18.5k is zip code dependent, as I’m still seeing $17k across much of the country. Also not seeing the Costco $900, can you confirm where you see it?

The prices I post include a bigger discount than “Costco Member Savings”. Both are dealer discounts so they can’t be combined. If you prefer lower $900 Costco discount instead I can do that :laughing: … im joking

Yes, the $18,500 is given automatically and also already applied to the prices posted.

Same I don’t see the $900 so I just want to clarify that from time to time Costco offers an “exclusive Limited-Time special” for certain cars. For example I see VOLVO, Cadillac, Chevrolet and Polestar currently being advertised. If you contacted a dealership that is an authorized Costco Auto store and was given a “member-only price” then it was a dealer discount. Hope that makes sense.

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For the 2024 Genesis G70 this is what the prices would look like with Competitive owner coupon or valued owner coupon:


$3,000 DAS / 36 MONTHS / 7,500 PER YEAR / BASED ON TIER 1/2 RATES
2024 Genesis G70 2.5T RWD SPORT PRESTIGE [MSRP $47,945] - $490 + tax
2024 Genesis G70 2.5T AWD SPORT PRESTIGE [MSRP $49,945] - $531 + tax
2024 Genesis G70 3.3T RWD SPORT ADVANCED [MSRP $52,225] - $517 + tax
2024 Genesis G70 3.3T RWD SPORT ADVANCED [MSRP $54,380] - $543 + tax
2024 Genesis G70 3.3T RWD SPORT PRESTIGE [MSRP $56,605] - $585 + tax
2024 Genesis G70 3.3T AWD SPORT PRESTIGE [MSRP $58,595] - $605 + tax