SoCal Deal (<$150/month)

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I’m new to this community and haven’t leased before. It looks like I missed all of the good deals on the main site and am wondering if there’s anything else around. We’re looking for a 2 year lease on mid/full size sedan (camry, accord etc.) and are willing to pay around $150/month. We’re located in San Diego, is there anything around these days? It seems like people should be trying to get rid of the 2016 stock now.


Two year lease is not going to happen with the payment you want, the shorter the term the higher the payment. If you are dead set on a two year lease you may want to exercise the lease trading options like, some people offer $ incentives to get out of the lease. I doubt you will find something there in the size of the car and payment you want though.
The only new vehicle that comes to mind (it’s going to be a 3 year lease) is Optima Hybrid that should be leasing for less than non-hybrid vehicle, if the inventory is still there. That’s where you need to get on the TrueCar or similar service and get multiple quotes from local dealers, then finalize the best quote you got via email and only then go to the dealer. Get as much as you can off the MSRP before the incentives & don’t put any money down, then you should be ok with achieving your goal.

Like Nmikmik said above, a 150 a month lease on any car, let alone a midsize car is nearly impossible to find. I just did a quick search on lease trader and found only 1 car within 200 miles of you for under 150 a month (it was an electric smart car). However, because you’re in california, Gov. Jerry Brown just recently renewed funds for electric and plug in hybrid vehicle credits. The Chevy Volt is a great car, and leases spectacularly. If you factor in gas savings, and take the time to shop around to all the dealers even up here in LA, you may be able to get your final cost down to around 150 a month (possibly for 24 months, but more likely for 36). The volt is smaller than midsize, but it is definitely worth a look, as it may be one of the few options in your budget.
Hope this helps!

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Also if you’re a costco member, be sure to tell the Chevy dealers that, there are additional incentives!

You know, i’ve tried the Costco membership at one of the local dealers when I was leasing my Spark EV and it was bunch of bs imo. I’d negotiate your best possible deal before you bring the Costco membership up, just my experience possibly.
Volt is definitely a lot of a car and much closer to midsize than Smart :slight_smile:
fMR if you have ability to charge electric car at home cheaply, i.e. solar panels and don’t care much about the range, you may get away with close to $150 on some EVs, but it’s going to take a lot of work and it will be smaller than midsize for sure…

Thanks for all of the replies! This has been great. I’m going to look into the Volt and the Optima hybrid. Are you guys referring to the clean air vehicle rebate program for the volt? Will it take a while to get those funds?


Yep… Referring to the clean vehicle rebate. Once your application is approved, it takes up to 90 days to receive the rebate via the official website faq

Check this subforum for some deals advertised from reps on leasehackr. 2017 Volt HOV GREEN CARPOOL STICKERS ARE BACK! (PHEV)

A person in Cali should be able to get a base (or close to base) '17 Volt LT in the low $200’s with $0 down for a 36 month/10k lease…no 24 month lease option available for the Volt. Add in the CA EV rebate money, and you get real close to the $150 number. Max rebate is $2,500 for a plug-in hybrid, depending on income level. Most people would qualify for $1,500.

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Thank you! I’m seriously looking into this. What do you think about the cars posted in the marketplace section? This is my first time leasing and I don’t want to end up getting screwed. Thanks guys! You’ve been amazing

Hey just paying it forward, or back, depending how you look at it :slight_smile:
Since it’s your first lease, (no matter how I’d like to support this site) I would not use the marketplace from anywhere just because you are practically leasing a used car, so no knowledge of who and how it was taken tare of. Like you said, you don’t want to get screwed, so using a brick and mortar dealer of a lease broker is safest for you.

Hey, thanks for the reply. I was referring to the new Volts in this thread 2017 Volt HOV GREEN CARPOOL STICKERS ARE BACK! (PHEV)

I could not see what you meant before. I never dealt with Anthony before, but he seems to be a straight forward guy. Where do you live? I believe
there is also delivery charge dependent on that, so have to take that into consideration also imo

Hi Bro,

Thanks for the reply. Are you sure the max rebate is $2500? It seems like it would be $1500 for the base value and then another $1500 for being 300% of the federal poverty level.