SoCal BMW Special Offers - <<Best i4 Deal in CA! - Enhanced Loyalty!>> 🎉 (03/10/2023)

Can you get loyalty or any other breaks on this i4 deal? How about MSDs?

wonder when it will be available for lease

There’s no loyalty on the i4 but you can do 7 MSD’s (to get a 42bps lower MF) or you can even do a one pay lease which will save you 70bps on the MF!

Programs are already posted and I’ve got allocation for 2024 X5 if you want to lock one down today.

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Only 2 incoming i4 eDrive35 available now. Click Here to pick one out and then contact me directly to secure one today.

I sill have a few available order slots if you’d prefer to get the $489/mo Lease Special

Dave Townsend
951-440-2483 call or text

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Can’t wait to see the new X6 M up close. Will we ever see a deal on those?

If by “deal” you mean get one at MSRP with no markup…I got you. As of right now we’ve had a few inquiries but nobody has given me a deposit yet so you could be first in line for allocation.

does $489 include taxes

No it does not. All the pertinent details are here.

So if we prefer to not do cap reduction and instead several MSDs to get $4k DAS, you’re able to structure it that way?

Yes, you can change the structure however you like. Miles, down, MSDs, etc. As long as the MSRP is $53,745.

Nice new 430i Gran Coupe in stock and available.

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I’m down to my last two incoming i4 35’s available…



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Update 03/17 - SOLD - More coming. Contact me to lock one in



one of the better looking exteriors on these i’ve seen so far for sure :+1:

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Got some new units in. All are available as of right now. Come grab one (or two) this weekend.

Stock Q18944
2023 X7 xDrive40i
MSRP $90,445

Stock Q10195
2023 X7 xDrive40i
MSRP $91,945

Stock Q17500
2023 X5 xDrive45e
MSRP $79,940

Stock Q13739
2023 X3 sDrive30i
MSRP $57,830

Stock Q13920
2023 X3 sDrive30i
MSRP $54,155

Stock Q18813
2023 740i Sedan
MSRP $97,445

Stock Q10152
2023 540i Sedan
MSRP $73,170

Stock Q16940
2023 540i Sedan
MSRP $70,970

Stock Q16343
2023 530e Hybrid
MSRP $60,420

Stock DQ12004
2023 430i Gran Coupe
MSRP $52,820

Stock Q11076
2023 430i Gran Coupe
MSRP $56,070

Stock Q38252
2023 430i Coupe
MSRP $52,745

More to come…


What is the discount on these?

Contact me directly (email, text or PM) if you’d like a quote on a specific car

i4 May Allocation Update

All i4 eDrive35 allocation for May is either sold or already in production. You can still place a custom order or lock in the March Lease Special but these will be June arrivals now.

If you need something sooner than June…I have 7 Available that are In Production or In Transit now. The estimated arrival dates are included in each PDF file name.