SoCal BMW Special Lease Offers / 2022 M3 Available!

Had new model training all morning. Will get back to all pending emails and texts shortly.

Instructions for getting the link are in the first post, and also mentioned several other times in this thread.

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Hi @trading_places, take a look at the first post of this topic! You’ll find all the relevant information there.

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Did you read the first post @maruiqing ?

Or even the last post too.


LOL. Now I know why tl;dr was invented. Folks don’t even take the time to read OP’s FIRST post, let alone the post right above them.

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  • Enhanced pricing now available on remaining 2020 models!

  • More Aged New Cars (X2 and X5) added to the Page 2 Specials!

  • 7500 Mile option for ALL models in Dec (CA residents only)!

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Sorry for the lack of updates folks but this month was out of control! :crazy_face:

I have 4 units that are priced to move and first come first serve. 3 are loaners and 1 is a new 750i. PM, email or text me if interested AND available today. Please don’t waste my time if you can’t come in this weekend.

No DocuSigns
No Deliveries
Sorry but time is too short

Any left over 2020’s in stock will also be given special deals this weekend.

The “link” with full list of cars won’t be updated until after the 4th but if you want an end of year deal on a specific car in stock. Just email me:

  • Desired model (or a specific Stock # is even better)
  • Your City & Zip Code
  • Do you qualify for Loyalty

Remember all 2020’s will be getting the deepest deals. But all cars in stock are available.


Here’s the 750 that has to go. Deal expires today. PM for info.



Today’s officially the last day of the year for BMW. Any and all quotes given (by me or any other dealer/broker) expire at the close of business.

Historically, January is not any better (usually worse) than December so reach out to me right away if you’re looking to get a buzzer beater deal!

Do you ship to FL? Please send prices.

Sorry man. I_dont_like_buyers. :rofl:

Couldn’t help myself. Yes I can ship to FL. Shipping costs would apply. I will PM you a link so you can let me know what you’re looking for.

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Fait enough :slight_smile:

Dayummm…great options on the 750. Pm you about getting info. Please let me know ASAP thanks

Do you ship to Nevada? I’m interested.

Reply sent

Yes sir. I have many happy customers in your state. :slight_smile: I will send you a PM as well.

If you had quotes on the following models but did not purchase by last night, please know that the programs have changed for the WORSE and you will need a new quote:

2020 Models

  • 228i Gran Coupe
  • M235i Gran Coupe
  • 530i Sedan
  • 540i Sedan
  • M550i Sedan
  • X1 / X2 28i
  • X2 M35i
  • X3 / X4 30i
  • X3 / X4 M40i
  • X3 M
  • X4 M
  • X5 / X6 sDrive40i
  • X5 / X6 xDrive40i
  • X5 M50i
  • X6 M50i
  • X7 xDrive40i
  • X7 M50i

2021 Models


I’ve got two 2020 530i loaners that have to go (one with M Sport). Let’s just say 3xx and leave it at that. Email me if you’re interested and available today!

UPDATE: Both cars have sold


Both 5 Series loaners have sold.