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Hello Everybody,

We are new to the Lease Hackr Forum as DM Auto Leasing.
Just wanted to give you guys some information on how we run as brokers, we do not charge any kind of broker fee, any deals posted have our broker fee included from the dealer so there is no hidden fees. DM Auto’s goal is to get you in the vehicle you want in the pricing you want. There can be times other brokers can give better quotes but we try our fully best to beat any deal you give at us.

Starting process: Give us a call or email with the vehicle you want, and the structure. Once we give you a quote and you like the price, we will process a credit application, get approval and we can schedule delivery to our office or anywhere you want with a reasonable radius. Our goal is to make it easy and seamless to buy or lease a car!

Our primary area we service is the greater Los Angeles area with our office location in Sherman Oaks You can visit us at:
Our instagram is @DMAutoLeasing
Email me directly@
Or Call/Text @ (818)650-0870
Or YELP at