Hi! Thank you for posting!
I’m interested in Q5 or Q7, but before asking for more details, I’m wondering if you could list possible incentives? (Fleet, new grad, extra manufacture credit?)

From your previous comments:

  • If you have a BMW, Mercedes, Lexus or Audi in the household then the the total out of pocket decreases $1000
  • $1,000 rebate for having an Audi in the household.

For the 2018 Q5’s and Q7’s there is only $1,000 rebate for having an Audi in the household. You will ONLY get that rebate if you lease or finance through Audi financial.

The Q5’s and Q7’s are selling very well for Audi so their incentives are not as aggressive compare to their other line up.

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Please 2018 SQ5 Premium Plus 7.5/36
currently have Q5 so qualify for loyalty.

for example this one

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36/7500 miles a year
$2,500 total due at signing (includes drive offs)
$655 plus tax with your loyalty rebate.
MF .00199
Residual 63%
Total savings with the rebate is $6,648

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Can you show an S3 deal?

He means dealer loaner cars/demos. I have had quotes in Q5 demos with 4K miles or so a month or two ago. 10k miles was the limit and $0.15 per mile deduction on the residual.

Yes, those were the only Audi preowns you can lease at the time. Service loaner vehicles. Those programs are gone…

MSRP S3 $47,385
Selling $39,774
$2,500 total out of pocket
$491 plus tax
36 months 10k miles a year
Must have an Audi, Mercedes, Lexus, or BMW in the household

Effective $560/m for a $39K car is not great, so it’s either shitty RV or shitty MF or both …

Can you share a link to the calculator?

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Ok so to be clear, as of March or April, Audi no longer offers leases on demos?

After tax based on LA county it is $538 for a $47,385 MSRP car. Not sure how you got $560 a month.

MF .00055
Residual 47% @10k miles a year
Cap cost using $2,500 total out of pocket is $38,766

That’s correct Siejammy

I’m curious to see if Audi would cave into lease deals such as American car makers have come to succumb. We shall see. Best of luck everyone!

Lease prices are high as hell.
Would not recommend dealing with this guy LOL AUDI A4 $400/month LOOOOL

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You obviously know nothing about audi lol they don’t lease well rv is bad it’s not as high as bmw or Mercedes etc for example rv Audi A4 Ultra Premium Plus 36/10k is 53% vs a Mercedes c300 36/10k 59% he is offering 16% off msrp on any a4 in stock for example a 50k msrp a4 selling price would be 43k pre incentive that’s a great discount so before you bash someone’s post do some research


I was just advised this at a S Florida dealership, they’re offered but all incentives are stripped away & you have to buy back the mileage to 0 in order to lease with AFS


These are some great discounts, many better than what we can get here in New York.

This is a great start. Good luck!


Got the number by dividing the total DAS by 36 and adding to the monthly you posted.

Anyways, the RV is terrible, but that’s out of your control … the discounts over MSRP are good so if someone is locked on an Audi and for some reason insists on leasing over buying, I guess it’s not bad.

Wish they had more incentives…

Looking for lease numbers on A3 Etron Prestige. 3years/36k miles.


For an A3 e-tron Premium Plus with MSRP of $47,575, 36K/36Mon, he quoted me $487+tax and $2,500 out of pocket. Conquest (BMW, Merc, Audi, Lexus) would reduce out of pocket to $1,500.00 Hope that helps!