SoCal AUDI FLEET PRICE! June Special A6 $525.72 plus tax with $2,290 total DAS 36/10k MSRP $62,225

Thank God for having an Audi representative here. Hope you are able to post some exclusive leasehackr deals and gets lots of love here.

Now all we need is someone from Benz!

hello ivan, can you give me a general estimate/quote for S5 SB? 12k/36mos, LA county sales tax. Previously had several audi’s but none currently. If there is any conquest $, current owner of MB, BMW, Porsche. thank you.

Hi everyone!

Trying to get through everyone’s inquires so I apologize for the response time.

I’ve been getting a lot of inquires on prestige models. Prestige models on any Audi’s do not lease well at all. They have a lower residual on top of their high already high MSRP due to the options.

For the most part customers only get the prestige if they MUST have the heads up display or adaptive cruise control. You are paying a huge premium for those two options. Otherwise you can get a well equipped premium plus and have a much better payment.

Please do a little more research when you are cross shopping brands. Yes Audi’s rates are generally higher than BMW and Mercedes but Audi in general come with more standard options than the competitors in most cases. (Xenon headlights, leather seats, Apple carplay/ Android Auto) When you factor those options in and price out the monthly payment you’ll come to realize that Audi’s payments are generally very competitive. So I always advise comparing options to options then compare the monthly payments between brands.

Choosing between cars are like buying shoes. Go try them out and buy/lease what you like!


That virtual cockpit tho…


I think that @nyclife often has good deals on mercs…

You don’t need a prestige to get the Virtual cockpit. All you need is premium plus with navigation and you will have it.


I asked Ivan to check I quote I got and he was great to point out the markups, so I didn’t miss anything. Really good guy

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Wow, I’ve not seen this price clarity on Audis before. Many thanks, Ivan. Definitely helps to understand what you’re sharing.

Damn 16% off A4 straight up is good. Are the discounts same for purchase as well?

Do you do Porsche’s as well?

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Need to pay attention then!

Yes! If you don’t like the residual and MF you can purchase or finance the car. These prices are not limited to only lease.

From my years of working here are there are more draw backs to purchasing versus lease. If the MF is lower than the APR you are getting for a finance then it makes more sense to lease.

I do not deal with Porsche, just Audi!

Can I see something for s5 sportback?

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hey @IvanAudi I PMed you yesterday, please reply when you have a chance. Thanks.

How about TTS and TTRS?

Ok… who wants to take over my c300 :nerd_face:

Ps: could one stack conquest and loyalty rebates?

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You will get murdered on a lease for a TTRS, brace yourself.

Only interested in a purchase, not lease. You’re right the numbers would be ridiculous to lease an RS.

Just a note that Ivan has been SUPER responsive to my questions on leasing a Q3 via text :smiley:

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Really excited we have an Audi contact with great upfront pricing. This might affect my future plans…