SoCal AUDI FLEET PRICE! June Special A6 $525.72 plus tax with $2,290 total DAS 36/10k MSRP $62,225

Yes Joe is still here! He is our GSM now and I work directly under him.

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that’s awesome. tell him i said hi

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Q5 Premium w/ Nav, 12k/ year lease. W/ loyalty or fleet rebate if possible. Any other incentives available? Do you currently have Pull ahead program? 2 months out.


Would an A3 E-Tron Prestige qualify for that 18% off MSRP?

15% off MSRP. Does not include the $4,502 rebate if you lease or $1,000 rebate for having an Audi in the household.

MSRP $48,775 Premium, Navigation, Convenience, Wheel Package
$518 plus tax
$2,500 total out of pocket
$3k below invoice
Must have proof of Audi in the household, and unfortunately the Q5’s do not have a pull ahead program.

Any remaining payments will have to be rolled into the deal. Hope this helps!

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Finally some audi love on here…
How do audi loaners lease work we have been trying to figure that out on this forum and could never get a straight answer I know mileage has to be under 10k do incentives apply is the mf the same as a new car how bad does the rv take a hit I see you have a couple a4 loaners 22% off msrp and 24% off msrp would those lease better

Hi Ivan,

Quote on a base A3 E-Tron Premium 36/10k?


Unfortunately, Audi no longer have lease programs for pre owns. When they were available last year the rates were so terrible that you were better off leasing a new vehicle even with the heavy discounts on the preowns. Hope this helps!

How about 2018 Qs3? Wasn’t on your list: Premium Plus, Sport+ Convenience Packages?

IF not, Q5 Premium Plus with 20" 5 Segment Wheels

13% off Any Q3’s not including $1,000 rebate if you have an Audi in the household

What about S5 sportback? I pm’ed you. Thx

What about S3/S4/S5?

You’re going to do great here, I can tell. Welcome!

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It’s going to be the same as the A3, A4, and A5 %.

Thank you Raph! This is an awesome community and looking forward to be a part of it. Car buying shouldn’t be a painful experience.

Hi! Thank you for posting!
I’m interested in Q5 or Q7, but before asking for more details, I’m wondering if you could list possible incentives? (Fleet, new grad, extra manufacture credit?)

From your previous comments:

  • If you have a BMW, Mercedes, Lexus or Audi in the household then the the total out of pocket decreases $1000
  • $1,000 rebate for having an Audi in the household.

For the 2018 Q5’s and Q7’s there is only $1,000 rebate for having an Audi in the household. You will ONLY get that rebate if you lease or finance through Audi financial.

The Q5’s and Q7’s are selling very well for Audi so their incentives are not as aggressive compare to their other line up.

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Please 2018 SQ5 Premium Plus 7.5/36
currently have Q5 so qualify for loyalty.

for example this one

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36/7500 miles a year
$2,500 total due at signing (includes drive offs)
$655 plus tax with your loyalty rebate.
MF .00199
Residual 63%
Total savings with the rebate is $6,648

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