SoCal AUDI FLEET PRICE! Etron $455.66 plus tax a month 36/10k $3,400 total drive offs MSRP $71,905 No MSD

Must have Costco. Only deal with local SoCal residents. Only 6 left most of them black on black, one white/brown, one silver/black.

Text me at 626-646-9882. I am not providing any quotes at the moment, will be posting unicorn deals on this post from time to time. More to come soon.


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Can you post what a premium plus a4 with 10k miles is going for?


rusnakkkk. is joe there still?

MSRP $41,050
36 months 10k miles a year
$1,500 Total out of pocket (Includes drive offs)
$419 plus tax

If you have a BMW, Mercedes, Lexus or Audi in the household then the the total out of pocket is $499.

Yes Joe is still here! He is our GSM now and I work directly under him.

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that’s awesome. tell him i said hi

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Q5 Premium w/ Nav, 12k/ year lease. W/ loyalty or fleet rebate if possible. Any other incentives available? Do you currently have Pull ahead program? 2 months out.


Would an A3 E-Tron Prestige qualify for that 18% off MSRP?

15% off MSRP. Does not include the $4,502 rebate if you lease or $1,000 rebate for having an Audi in the household.

MSRP $48,775 Premium, Navigation, Convenience, Wheel Package
$518 plus tax
$2,500 total out of pocket
$3k below invoice
Must have proof of Audi in the household, and unfortunately the Q5’s do not have a pull ahead program.

Any remaining payments will have to be rolled into the deal. Hope this helps!

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Finally some audi love on here…
How do audi loaners lease work we have been trying to figure that out on this forum and could never get a straight answer I know mileage has to be under 10k do incentives apply is the mf the same as a new car how bad does the rv take a hit I see you have a couple a4 loaners 22% off msrp and 24% off msrp would those lease better

Hi Ivan,

Quote on a base A3 E-Tron Premium 36/10k?


Unfortunately, Audi no longer have lease programs for pre owns. When they were available last year the rates were so terrible that you were better off leasing a new vehicle even with the heavy discounts on the preowns. Hope this helps!

How about 2018 Qs3? Wasn’t on your list: Premium Plus, Sport+ Convenience Packages?

IF not, Q5 Premium Plus with 20" 5 Segment Wheels

13% off Any Q3’s not including $1,000 rebate if you have an Audi in the household

What about S5 sportback? I pm’ed you. Thx

What about S3/S4/S5?

You’re going to do great here, I can tell. Welcome!

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It’s going to be the same as the A3, A4, and A5 %.

Thank you Raph! This is an awesome community and looking forward to be a part of it. Car buying shouldn’t be a painful experience.