SoCal A4 Premium Tech A4 FWD Special

2018 A4 premium FWD with Tech for California residents only.

MSRP $41,760
Net cap cost $34,624
MF .00035
Residual 53% at 10k miles a year
$1,999 DAS which includes drive offs
$366 plus tax

If you have an Audi 2005 or newer in the household then you save another $1,000

Offer is valid until the end of the month. Please call or text me at 626-646-9882, see what other lease hackrs that have leased from me has to say here. Thank you!

Best regards,

Ivan what is the monthly for 2/20?

Ivan…definitely interested. What is the stock number on the car

Pretty much white, black, gray with black or brown interior. So we have a few on our website. So long as the msrp is within $100 it is the same deal listed above

24 month lease does not lease well

How much more is it per month? Saves on tires that usu need repl at 30K or less, etc