Socal 2018 X5 lease deal good or not?

Hello LH
2018 Bmw X5 brand new Socal area

MSRP $59795
Selling price $52021, 13%off MSRP before rebates
Rebates $2000 lease credit plus $1500 Royalty
Residual 59%, $35,279.05, MF 0.00177
36 months/10k per year
$1500 Drive off (included 1st month pay, Government and dealer fees, ETC)
$546.12 plus tax

Region: southern Cal

What do you guys think?

Thank you

I am trying to find a 2018 as well, and local dealers don’t seem real interested in offering a good discount on last year’s model for some reason.

At this point I would take 13% off before incentives, but in Socal maybe you can do better. I am in Midwest for reference.

I would say put down MSDs as well to reduce the buy rate and lower your monthly. Overall looks decent. I think at most you maybe have another 1-2% discount and depending on inventory, they may not want to drop that much.