SoCal 2016 Chrysler Town & Country Limited Platinum Lease Deal

Was scouring this forum for lease deals on a minivan and really couldn’t find one that I could work out. There was one other thread on the Town & Country created back on Apr 19th and it had no activity. So here is the details of a deal that I worked out.

2016 Chrysler Town & Country Limited Platinum (top of the line trim with all the bells and whistles)
MSRP: $41640
Selling Price: $33640
Rebates: $3000
Net cap cost: $30640
Money factor(usual 0.00011): 0.00053 (with dealer markup, allowed by Chrysler Capital)
Residual at 3yr/15k: 50%
Adjusted Residual Amount: $20565 (to account for 1800 miles)
Acquisition fee: $595
Documentation fee: $80
Electronic filing fee: $29
License and registration: $442
Drive off: $1176 ($345 + $442 + $80 + $29 + $280 tax on rebate)
Monthly payment exclusive tax: $323
Monthly payment inclusive tax: $352.07
Disposition fee: $395
Total Lease Cost: $13498.45
Net cost per month over life of lease: $374.96

The particular vehicle that I picked up was a Demo .It had 1800 miles on it and was driven by the owner’s mother. It was in immaculate condition and I got free oil changes for a year thrown in on the deal. When I did search around, I saw selling prices for the Limited Platinum Model in the SoCal region to be around $33-$35k range inclusive of the rebates. (non demo models). But that still works out to a killer deal on a $42k car. The inventory is running low. So I’d act quick if I was looking to get in on this deal. Based on the low money factor, the higher trims, Touring-L, Limited and Limited Platinum lease better than the lower trims. Good luck and happy hunting!

That’s a cheap lease for a car that just came out a few months ago

Thanks. Yeah it is, They are clearing out inventory in anticipation of the new 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Minivan.