Socal 2016 5 series lease


In the market for a new car and was looking for a 5 series. Trying to keep my monthly under 500 if possible. Does anyone have any recommendations? I heard about being able to get great prices and demos and whatnot also. If anyone could recommend a good dealer to get some deals on, thatd be a great start. I am looking for 36 mo 15k - under 500 with 0 down - will do max MSD etc. thank you in advance.

First of all where are you located? I live in socal and just leased a $78k 550i for $545 a month. But I was offered a few other 535i demos for $445 a month with like a 65k MSRP. What level 5 series are you looking for?
Edit: this all with no cap cost redux.

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Hi im in torrance area currently in socal. Would love to know who you worked to get those deals! How much should i look to knock off those exec. Demos? Are there any gotchas- for example if im leasing for 45k miles, do i lose those mileages since it has them e.g., 10k miles on exec demo so i only drive 35k?


Call Hamlet at New Century. They have loads in stock both ex demo and new. Say I sent you.

Thanks. Will do. Should I be looking for about 20 percent discount over MSRP on these?

How much should I be dealing in percentage for the 2016 new ones you think? Thanks.