(SoCal) $1k/mo Budget, Sporty 2 Door - What Cars Should I Consider?



Try a 440cic with Power and Sound Kit.

If that’s not sporty enough, M4 cic.


He wants a convertible. As bad as coupe leases are, convertibles are worse.


Agreed. An sl63, despite being a coupe with a monster engine, isn’t really a true sports car because it’s so damn big.

I’d stay away from anything from fca (Maserati, Alfa, etc) because the interiors are somewhat cheap for the class, and vastly inferior to German luxury.

The only true amg that will lease for around a grand might be a c63. Aside from that, you’re looking at the amg “lite” 43 models.

Audi s5 convertible should fit your budget, but it’s more of a non testosterone inducing grand tourer as well.


Go Vette fast and fun and way within your budget.


S5 cab?


Just back from the Merc dealership in bev hills and they wanted 1600-1900 for the C63… shame because it’s a beautiful machine with a terrific exhaust note


Not ideal but thinking this SLC 43 AMG is likely my best bet: https://www.leasetrader.com/2017_Mercedes-Benz_SLC43_AMG_Roadster_299367.xhtml


put 0 down and you will be near $800 a month…


Jaguar F Type seems like the obvious choice here


Like others have said there’s a wide range, if you want the most power under 1k its going to be the widebody challenger hellcat redeye, roughly 800 horsepower, pretty roomy interior, not as refined as the germans to be honest, but the car itself is loud and proud.(lease deals should pop up January ish) I would stay away from the boxster its a very underpowered and underwhelming car, the 650 has about 400 something hp(fast enough for city driving but feels slow compared to other cars in that price range on the highway) and also roomy enough to fit 4 average adults. the sl63 amg is a very boring car, it doesnt even feel fast when you floor it in a straight line, you are definitely going to have to pick whether you want plush or sporty.(some of these “sporty” cars are more “plush” than sporty) Not sure how the jaguar f type v8’ lease but those are worth a shot as well. Good luck on the search.


Make sure you aren’t going in and telling the salesmen that you have a $1k/mo budget…still go through all of the steps to negotiate a fair selling price and take all other factors into account


It sounds like you’re set on Mercedes?


I’d be VERY doubtful you get into a GT at $1k mo without SIGNIFICANT $ upfront.


Get the Jaguar F-Type. Comes in both hardtop and convertible. If you get the V8, you’ll be around $1k/mo. If you get the V6, you’ll be well below. The exhaust note on the V8 is unbeatable.


would of said hellcat as well, but he said convertible. Why I went Vette.


Consider not so well maintained roads of LA while deciding for one with a stiff suspension. Drive and M4 and Sl550 back to back and you will know what I mean.


If you are willing to switch to a purchase the c63 or c63s are probably the best bang for you buck, and the depreciation is pretty mellow when you buy a 2015/2016 you should be able to sell it no issues in a coupe years.


You meant M3, didn’t you? :joy::wink:


My account was hacked…:male_detective:

But really the M3 is phased out now, and he’s looking for 2door/conv

Plus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjMtIK_c-RE


sporty and convertible dont really go together in my opinion, its either a sports car or a cruiser very rarely is it both, the vette is no cruiser, the challenger is no convertible but its a cruiser and fast and “sporty” I guess. There’s really a difference of opinions on the whole sporty thing, hence me saying you’re probably gonna have to pick which one you want. Vette is a nice choice but sitting in traffic will really tick you off, dont know how tall op is but at 6’2 I hated driving the z06 anywhere but open roads like highways, sub divided highways, etc. etc.