Snapshot of laziest response

Excluding questions, that’s been asked and numbers demanded.

THAT’s the laziest response you’ve gotten? Looks pretty darn good to me considering you can back calculate MF on your own using the residual from Edmunds.

Many dealers that I’ve contacted in the past refuse to even give selling price or lease payment via email or phone, they demand that you come in so that they can impress you with stale cold coffee and three week old popcorn. Good way to weed sh*t dealers out.

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That is definitely better than the canned “review” email of the car, and a “when can you come in” response. Outside of the pricing, I’m not quite sure what’s so lazy about this.

Guess I was on the lucky side so far.

Better than no reply, which is mostly what happens.


Shit I wish all dealers would respond like that!

Serious question. Hasn’t autonation gone to a “No Haggle” pricing model like Carmax? Or is that only for used cars?

I don’t know how their policy works, but so far it sounds like they are.

Now THIS is a lazy response:


Notice anything missing…?? :thinking:

Tell them to try again. Haha 202020202020

Maybe it’s a OnePay. :wink: