Small Luxury Car 500/mo Budget, 15k miles, tax free state, 0 down

Haven’t seen one of the posted recently so I thought I would create my own.

Recommendations on luxury cars for a $500 budget, 15k miles, 0 down, in a tax-free state?

Currently, I would say my top 3 are the 330i, s60, and alfa romeo guilia.

Do you think I could get under or at $500 a month with my reqs above for any of these three? Or do you have any recommendations for another car I should consider? Would like something sporty with some nice tech, which is why I choose the three above.


I don’t see why not.

Hell, you can probably get $400 a month for those, depending on how you equip them

Tax free I could get you into a base m340i for $500/mo. :slight_smile:

An S60 is more than doable. It just depends on the options and trim. A 330 is also doable, just depending on options. Alfa could go either way from what I’ve seen, but the other two just might be the more affordable ones this month. Plus, if Alfa is headed for potential trouble, you don’t want to deal with that.

$500 is a well budget for those. Even more, I think it’s enough for bmw 5, Lexus ES/GS, maybe Benz E class

I think you could get a bmw 5 series. Try for a ‘19 from a dealership with a lot of them on the lot.

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What are specs?

You can get 5 series for that price, I just got one last week.

Just last week there was this same discussion…

OP gonna leave us hanging here like the last time around. Lol

Really? What were your numbers on it?

Yeah but this is for 15k miles and that was for a low miles driver

I’m here! Was just sleeping lol

I’ll definitely try that, thanks for the tip

Would love one of those, are they really discounting them a lot? Isn’t it a brand new trim?

The right dealer would. :slight_smile:

On a -0- tax that’s just a hair over 10% with conquest and lease cash incentives. That’s not a theoretical discount either, others have achieved this as well as I for a forum member.

What type of numbers do you think I should aim for? My local dealer has a few in stock, the lowest priced: I don’t believe I would get conquest since don’t you need a competition brand of car?

I believe just about any car brand qualifies for conquest. Do you not have any car right now?

Using about a 10% discount with $2,000 incentive for lease cash and conquest that MSRP ($61.7K) would be closer to the $580-600 range at base MF -0- tax with inceptions capped and 7x MSD.

Tax free state???