Small claims court in Montana

Hello. REALLY random question. Does anyone (esp anyone in the legal field) know how friendly small-claims judges in Montana are to an “every person” (me) vs. a company based in Montana?

Edit: more pertinent question… If a credit-card company sides w/ me in a dispute, would that provide some sort of evidence in my favor, should the vendor decide to sue me for what the credit-card company refunded me?

Best bet: talk to a local lawyer in the small claims
court jurisdiction you will be in to get the lay of the land on that court/judge. Probably can answer both questions on a free consultation basis if you shop it around.


Having lived in Montana, I can tell you the small claims process was pretty straightforward. They try to mediate first which resulted in a favorable payment, in our opinion, at the time. Depends on how much the other party wants to fight or even if they show up.


Thanks to the both of you for the responses.

I looked at Montana state law, and Montana small claims doesn’t actually have jurisdiction over this (I don’t live in Montana).

Hopefully, it doesn’t come down to a suit. Wish me luck.

are you fighting against a small company?

I think.

But the amount being disputed is quite small, so that’s why it would be small claims.