Site not auto-updating for anyone else?

One of the things I loved about this forum software was that it live updated and showed new content in threads and messages as you were on the page without having to refresh.

Over the past few days, across multiple devices, this has stopped happening for me. I have to refresh pages to see new posts, even edits I make to my own posts require a refresh before I can see them.

Anyone else experiencing this? It really sucks, lol. Tagging @tech_crew in case anyone is aware of a bug?

I am having the same issue today. I don’t know if it’s limited to just PMs or the entire forum though, as I have only actually noticed it in PMs.

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yeah, something seems quirky. I’ve seen where I’ll get a notification I have a new message yet it won’t show till I refresh the browser.


Alright, definitely PMs only. I sat and watched as mp11477 was typing and it auto updated when the post was submitted.


Seems to be fine in threads, I saw your new message pop up just now without refreshing @mp11477

Wasn’t 100% sure until now.

I’d agree with that. I’ve only seen issues with messages.

@littleviolette, this is probably your realm.

What I don’t know is if this is normal behavior and we are just now noticing it because of an active PM chain or if it’s a new issue.

I’ve gone back and fourth with people in PM’s before without refreshing, so I’m personally confident it’s not supposed to be like that.

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no, it’s off. I used to see new messages pop up dynamically without having to do anything. That seems to have changed over the last couple weeks. Even making an update to my own thread within a message won’t appear when I hit submit until I refresh the page. That never used to happen.

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I thought this was just me. The mail threads for just brokers I have to refresh everytime. Started noticing that when the fee structure emails came in

Just did a quick test and it seems to be working fine for PMs one on one. May be a volume limitation.

agreed with mllcb, 1-1 pms are unaffected while large group pms are laggy on mobile and web.

Trusted chains always do it.

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Wait you guys get PMs?

Let me look into this. Thank you for letter us know!