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Thanks in advance for everyone’s review.

Just completed a deal with John from @Simpleauto1 on a 2019 Jeep Limited 4x4, details here:

From my first private message to @Simpleauto1 regarding the possibility of getting a killer Cherokee lease deal and laying out what I wanted to the final phone call from John after taking delivery, I have nothing but respect and many thank you’s to give to @Simpleauto1 and his team.

John went above and beyond dealing with me, a very annoying, always worrying, doom and gloom car leaser. Through all of my texts, phone calls, questions, concerns, John was able to put together a deal there was no way I would have gotten on my own. He had to ask for many favors from his network of dealers to find and swap the exact color combo, optioned Cherokee I wanted. The discount off MSRP he was able to get before rebates was shocking to me, no NJ dealers could touch @Simpleauto1 price.

Even with a few snags along the way, John pushed through and got it done. The Jeep was delivered today just as promised with the payments that were promised and check in hand to me to payoff a former lease.

I highly recommend saving yourself time and aggravation haggling with dealers and call on the services of John and the @Simpleauto1 team!

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Dealing with John at Simple Auto was so simple and easy, I don’t think I’m ever going to lease anywhere else. Unbeatable deal on my new Overland with all the bells and whistles (which ended up being very hard to find). Car arrived as promised and paperwork was exactly as agreed. John even got me an additional $10 a month off to compensate me for an unexpected delay when the dealer John was dealing with couldn’t get his paper work done on time. Great experience.

Thanks…I’m happy we got you into the exact car you requested and happy you had a great experience.

Thank you for sharing your experience!