Silverados, still questions😔

Question on Silverados, some zip codes around me have the supplier pricing for all listed on their site and when when you go to it will show it. Some others do not have it nor is it shown online for those zips(see photos). I know the “supplier for all” Says not applicable with lease and I have my own personal supplier code. My question is about the ones that do not show it on their site or when you go to or when you do the shop, click, drive. Can I apply my supplier # to their dealer offer and get my discount(about $3,200 in this case) on top of the $4,231 they have off msrp? It shows only as a dealer discount and no where does it show “supplier for everyone” for that zip. Also the discount stays when you select lease in the shop, click app. On all others that have supplier for everyone that discount goes away when you choose lease. It seems like the areas that do not have the “supplier all” may have more dealer money available to compensate and the bonus is that my code can be stacked with their dealer discount?

1st photo is a shot off that shows an RST and discounts, no supplier shown.

2nd is nearly an exact vehicle in a zip where it shows the supplier all and the restrictions.

3rd is when you do shop click drive on the one with no supplier all it shows what the dealer will eat and sales price. As you continue and select the lease option it still includes the dealer price plus acquisition and states it.

My thought is that I should be able to apply my supplier code + my $500 conquest on top of dealer discount price shown??:man_shrugging:t3: All dealers in my area that have the supplier all will only drop a few hundred off msrp before my incentives. Any knowledge, help? …Bueller, Bueller?


how much more off msrp are you looking to get? I dont know if you are married with gm so to speak but for $500 a month payment on a truck one would hope at least you get leather seats, The chevy is in a new bodystyle not sure how willing dealerships are in giving discounts/ combining offers. Have you looked at the f150/ram at $500 they have a boatload more features than this rst, apperance is a different story though.

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I was just thinking this exact thing.

GM is killing me with how they have these “50k” truvks with cloth seats and no features.

I hope they start incentivizing them soon to where they should actually be priced…

It’s my understanding that you will get the incentives based on the zip code that you use to contract/register the vehicle in.

That is true that it is based on zip code. But in this case I do not want an incentive. In my zip dealers have the “supplier for all” on purchase and when you ask for lease they will not budge. They offer $500 off and smile. 80 miles away they do not have the “supplier for all” and I have gotten $2,500 - $4,500 dealer discount offers. Add my supplier and conquest and it’s up to $8,000 off msrp and all are lease applicable. I am stuck to the Chevy and to an exact model, options and color-give or take a few accessories. I could have already got a few similar ones but if I can’t find the exact one I want then I will just wait. In no hurry and have a year left on a 2017 Laramie I leased. Just wanted to see if anyone else that was looking had gotten any good dealer discounts or seen the somewhat sporadic issuing of the “supplier discount”

Also for TrueCar experts. Based on my recollection of using fake names to get quotes over the years I remember it always stating dealer discount and then showing incentives or saying see dealer for more. In the picture added it shows “certified dealer discount” and in the fine print it says certified dealer discount includes the following incentives, some of which you may not qualify for. Many of the ones I got then say none. Right now there is a $2k package rebate and $500 cash on the model I’m looking at and it is not included on the TrueCar offer. Will the dealer claim that it is figured in to their “dealer certified off msrp” or does that strictly mean the dealer discount prior to any?

Op loves the rst so I cant argue with that but Imo gm is leaps and bounds behind ford and ram. I would say technology, powertrain wise, and towing ford leads the pack, with interior looks going to the ram, ram with a slight edge in exterior looks and ford with an edge in luxury, no other truck has massaging seats yet, I would have figured at least the sierra denali but nope lol.

Yes I do like it. I’m a particular individual with odd taste. Have a 2017 Laramie crew loaded right now and have enjoyed it for 2 years. But I grow tired and want a change and that’s why I lease. Titan, Tacoma, Explorer and Ram all since 2011. If Tires show wear I would prefer to get a new one rather than shop for tires. Plus I do somewhat enjoy the thrill of trying to find the best deal.

I’ve got a few quotes on the 2019 Silverado and no one really giving much of a discount. I’ll try again in March.