Silly thought experiment


30k - add towards 100k

50k - add towards 100k

75k - Tesla Model S 75D

100k + 30k + 50k - Mercedes S-Class with almost every option



$30k - Mini Cooper S
$50k - BMW M240i
$75k - Audi S7
$100k - I’d try and get a discount on a Range Rover Sport SVR, if not an E63 AMG Wagon.


I interpreted this as having all 4 in my driveway at that price point and this would be my ideal combo :slight_smile:

$30k - Toyota Tacoma
$50k - Lexus GS 350 F sport (not the v8)
$75k - BMW X7
$100k - Mercedes SL550

Taking into account getting a solid discount off msrp for each lol