Silly thought experiment


Pretend someone else is footing the bill. What vehicle would you put in your garage at each of these price points:


It’s just for fun.



I’m assuming that we are doing this by MSRP, not negotiated price? And is this a hard cap, or “ish”?, plus or minus a couple of thousand? I’m doing this off the top of my head.

30K: Fiat 124 Spider Abarth
50K: Chevy Traverse High Country
75K: Ford Raptor (?)
100k: I know it’s a little short, but I’d get the Giulia Quadrifoglio and make a Costco run in the Traverse with the money I saved.


I’m not gonna grade this like a teacher’s assistant haha.

Good picks! Mine are:

$30k: the most MX-5 I can get for the price

$50k: Bullitt Mustang

$75k: C63

$100k: Cayman GTS


I’d argue that the Fiat is the most MX5 you can get for 30k, but that’s not really the case anymore with the upgraded engine. I just like the styling of the Fiat better personally. The Bullitt Mustang is a good choice, but I’m a poser who never learned how to drive stick unfortunately! A Mercedes would be a nice addition, to be honest I get overwhelmed with the amount of selection in models and trim choices they have. You can blow your budget easy optioning any of the German stuff, but they sure are nice.


maintenance included?

$30k Fiat 124 Abarth
$50k Corvette
$75k Audi RS3
$100k Jaguar F-type R


$30k: E34 M5
$50k: Late-80s Porsche 911
$75k: 2016 Cayman GTS
$100k: Mercedes-AMG E63 S Wagon


$30k Toyota 86
$50k QX70
$75k AMG C63s
$100k Panamera 4s


I was thinking new, but there are some nice “previously loved” choices up there. Lots of AMG on the list.


$30K: GTI
$50K: not sure. I don’t really find any of the usual sedan suspects at this price to be particularly compelling, and it’s not quite high enough for something like a Macan.
$75K: a nicely options E450 wagon. Or an E-Class convertible.
$100K: not quite enough $, but an MB S-Class coupe

$50K: maybe the upcoming BMW Z4 . Or a Volvo V60 (if it ride better than Volvos typically do).

$100K: a Lexus LC. They look ridiculous, but the interior is AMAZING.


$30k - E92 M3 or a 6 speed E60 M5
$50k - Nothing appealing at 50k
$75k - 997 GT3 (Would probably be the cheapest one in the country)
$100k - G90 M5 or S class


30k: Equinox LT
50k: RX350
75k: 540i
100k: Range Rover Sport

Lots of soccer mom vibes in my list. Not surprised


$30k Camaro v6 1le - for the track
$50k 2010ish 911 S 6 speed
$75k cayenne
$100k 2010-12 r8 v10 6 speed cab

If only new
$50k g20 340
$100k 911 Carrera T


$75k-Range Rover
$100k-7 Series

Truck, sports car, SUV and luxury sedan. All bases covered.


Can I just spend all of it on one? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It’s your pretend money!

:moneybag: :yen:



$30k is TOUGH!

$30k: Civic Si
$50k: Stelvio Ti
$75k: M4
$100k: Panamera S


30k: GTI
50k: A4
75k: Cayman of some kind
100k: I can’t comprehend spending this much on a car.


$30k: ISF
$50k: Jeep Srt8
$75k: C63s
$100k: M3 CS


wow. You played real fast and loose with those numbers. LOL


Funniest thing I’ve seen on the interwebs.