Signing tomorrow KIA EV9 Land MSRP $75745, $540/mo w/tax(9.49%) 0 down

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I’ve been trying to find this exact car and trim for weeks and hit nothing but roadblocks. Ended up saying to myself forget it and went with a loaded Ariya platinum for $400~ with $0 DAS. (That’s including my NY tax already).

Maybe for my next lease…

Ariya is pretty sweet too but surprised you went for that as that’s not really cross shopped with EV9

Did you get any tints on your windows?

That sounds like an incredible deal. Ive been looking into EV9, but CA dealer prices dont really make sense.
May I ask you, for dealer name, so I can reach out to them?
Thank you


They only got 2, I got the last one. They won’t likley get any more. They refuse EVs. As there is zero market for them in IA.

But if you want any other Kia or Ford I’d highly recommend them.

Makes sense. Thank you for your reply. Enjoy your beautiful ride! :raised_hands:t2:

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