Signing tomoow for a 2017 Mazda CX-5

First time leaser so want to know if below is a good deal
Mazda CX-5 grand touring
MSRP - 31635
2k down
10kp/y -36 months

What else should I negotiate for tomorrow?

What should my risidual be?
Or any other comments/tips? I’m very new to this…

If you’re very new at this, I wouldn’t sign a lease tomorrow. You don’t know if the MF is marked up, you don’t know the residual, etc. Take some time to read up and then decide if it is a good deal (which it probably isn’t considering there is a downpayment)

What’s the selling price? with 2k down doesn’t seem like you’re getting anything off the MSRP?

Thanks everyone- so I won’t sign today but I’ll go down and chat! What should I be demanding? Any help to make me look like I know what I’m talking about helps please…

You don’t even have to go there to negotiate. But let’s say you do just be prepared to walk away and that’s where you hold the upper hand.
You need to know the MSRP, the discount they are giving you off of the MSRP on the car. The residual value of the car after three years lease and the money factor.
Keep in mind they might add more charges on document fees etc so you have to be wary of those as well.
The forums general rule of thumb is that your payment needs to be less then 1% of the total value of the car.

Thank you! How’s this?
MSRP 31890
Selling price 30900
Govt fees 60
Capitalized taxes 802
acq fee 595
Gross capitalized cost 32838
Cash cap reduction 2000
Net cap cost 30838
Cash down 2000

325 monthly payments over 36 months (10k)
20,000 residual

Seems like your going backwards. You should check out the forums at Edmunds to see what others are paying on the CX-5 .

What are the forums at Edwards? Can you send me a link?
I did go from fwd to awd

I am in the market for a 2017 GT CX-5 AWD in SoCal. Best I can do so far:

36 Mo./12K per year
4% dealer discount to MSRP
MF .00134
RV 62%
$0 down, only pay drive offs at sign
Mo. payment $406 + tax.

With minimal discounting and no incentives, mediocre MF, the lease economics on the new CX-5 are terrible. I am now considering either an Acura RDX or Lexus NX turbo. I have an Acura quote for the same monthly as the CX-5. That’s $10K+ more car for the same price! Good luck.

you can get an x1 at that price as well

It doesn’t take that long to get to know what you’re talking about. You know what would help make you look like you know what you’re talking about? Read Leasing 101.

Yep. We love our 2016.5 GT CX-5, but are paying $289 per month with nothing down. It was close to the end of the model year and you are talking about a new model. But I personally wouldn’t spend more than $330 or so per month just as a value principle even though it’s an enjoyable car. Never put any money down as cap cost reduction (though paying taxes and fees up front is a good idea). For $400 a month I would start looking at Acura RDX, BMW X1 (possible X3), and Infiniti.

Mind sharing more details of your 2016.5 deal? Which state were you able to lock it down in?

FWD GT in September.

$713.41 total due at signing
23 payments remain of $266.48 + tax ( $289.80 tax included)
12k miles a year

MSRP: $ 28,570
Destination Fee: $ 900
Total MSRP: $ 29,470
Selling price a bit under 26,900.