Signed - XC90 T6M

Hi All, wanted to share the deal I inked on my T6M (new, not a loaner) and get feedback (good/bad :stuck_out_tongue: ) on how I did? Thanks in advance!

2020 Volvo XC90 T6 Momentum
MSRP: $ 59240 (corrected)
Monthly Payment: $422 with tax (7%)
Drive-Off Amount: $ 3250 + 4500 MSD
Months: 36
Annual Mileage:10,000
Residual: 36150
Incentives: costco, a-plan, and volvo lease cash
Leasehackr Score: 10.8
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

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What was the selling price before Costco, a-plan, and Volvo allowance/lease cash?

Well it says MSRP 59240 (corrected), then gross cap cost after incentives 49750

Can you post a copy of your contract, blacking out your personal info?

Costco was $1250. What were A plan and lease cash incentives for your region?

Your calculator link has different selling price. Can you check and link a new calculator.

Drive off is different as well

Why the high drive-off amount?

Hi All, sorry for the confusion - I’m away from home for the next 2 weeks but will share deal paper when I return. I can confirm the following below:

  • Vehicle MSRP: $59,240 -
    Basic T6 AWD Momentum in Thunder Gray, 20inch wheels, protection pkg, and dest fee

  • Total DAS: $7,750
    (4500 is 10 MSD, and the 3250 was a combo of down payment. tag, 1st months payment, tax, local fees, etc.)

  • Incentives Total $4250 (Volvo Lease Cash 2250, A-Plan 750, and Costco 1250)

10xMSD, down payment, 1st month, tag and taxes

How much cash down payment did put down to lower cap cost?

Approx 2428. Total due aside from the MSD was 3250, so minus 422 1st mo, and 400 tag/fees/tax.

Ok - general rule is to never put down any $$$ cap cost reduction. With that much down, your monthly payment is effectively over $500.

From the way I’m reading this, I think you guys are missing each other. I don’t think the OP put any additional cap cost reduction. Aside from MSDs, the down payment consisted of fees, first month and taxes. This is 422 (including tax).
If you take their original calculator and move the 4250 of incentives to the right location you will see this is 12.5% discount pre incentive. Sounds like a solid deal!

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I’m actually working on a very similar deal right now in FL
MSRP 59,405
$460 with 7% tax and $2,000 drive offs. Max MSD bringing me down to about $412

This is not down payment (aka cap cost reduction). It is DAS, like @mattlar24 said. So you got very strong discount and good deal.

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It doesn’t really matter if it’s applied as a cap cost reduction or directly towards fees. $3250 DAS is $3250 DAS

Wait this is FL, nice!

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Agreed 100%. The statement about effective all in monthly was right. Add the 3250 / 36 back into it regardless of what it’s called.
I just wanted to clarify it wasn’t further cap cost that got to this payment outside expected inceptions and that the OP got a great deal.

Nice job on the deal. Congratulations and enjoy the car!

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