Signed Volvo xc-90 recharge ultimate

83k msrp
24/10000 lease
5200 DAS
760 a month
How did I do

I’m totally ignorant as it relates to volvo so no feedback on the deal i’m just shocked volvo has msrp’s this high😳

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Good or bad, don’t ask after signing. Enjoy the new ride.

Did very good!

Wow, that’s amazing nice deal. I’ve been looking at the recharge and haven’t been able to get below 950.

Do you know if the dealer has any other on lot that I would be able to replicate with? Or do you have any additional details so I can try and replicate at my dealer?

Send me a pm I’ll be happy to send over contract

Can i interest you in a 90k Volvo?

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I agree. My S90 is due back this summer. If I dont get a sharp deal, see you later Volvo.

$5200 DAS for what? If MSDS ok? Otherwise?

Notice he had $5200 DAS? Are those MSDS? If not do the math.

2400 msds rest was taxes and fees

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