SIGNED v2: 2018 Honda Clarity Base - NEW - $1000 DAS - $282 monthly. Re-signed 1/1/19


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Nice deal!
For the Touring trim, I see you received in the addition to the Honda incentive, an extra $3,000 DLFC ZEV incentive ???

We west coast folks don’t get that extra cash…

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Register as a broker on the forum if you want to post deals, and open up your own thread.

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I guess they started to see people are actually buying it so they bumping up the prices. Is it just me or the deals are getting worse?


Could be, depends on whether the dealer wants to get rid of the 2018 because they have a lot of 2019 on lot.

If the dealer does not have many 2019, then they will hold out for more money on the 2018.,


I think the train has passed…these deals were in end of Dec and Jan when Dealers had 30-32 pieces of 2018Clarity Phevs on the lot.
Not anymore. 2019s are here and they are not leasing particularly well.


Just got word from another LH that there are remaining 2018 Clarity in stock.

He got it for $360/month tax included on the base trim with ZERO DAS.


My deal signed on 3/06/2019

Clarity Base -
MSRP: $34295
Selling Price: $25116.15 (from the actual paperwork with tax, I believe it was cheaper than that though)
Monthly payment: $367.88 including 9.25% LAC tax
DAS: $0
Month: 36
Mileage: 12000
MF: 0.0002
RV: 39%
Region: SOCAL (LA County)

Thank you so much for your help 4sallypat! Not a bad deal! Would have been cheaper had I put $1000 DAS. Would have been $330 payment. I took the last 2018 They had there.


No, it would have not.


I meant the payment would have been less. My apologies about that.


Is this a good deal? I’m in SoCal
2019 Clarity Touring
$2,000 at signing
$385 per month (incl tax)
36 months
12,000 miles/year


From what I understand, the 2019 are getting $6K in Honda lease incentives ?

I think you can push for a better terms: ask for $1000 DAS and $375.


In terms of % off before incentives, what should we aim for on 2018 and 2019 Touring?



Dealer discount for a 2018: $2000 - $2500 off MSRP
For a 2019: $1500 - $2000 off MSRP

Lease incentives:
$7600 for 2018 if you can find any.
$6000 for 2019.

If you live in CA and work for any CA state govt agency, you can apply HP-Q31A $500 discount.



In your reply to mec5215, you mentioned to “push for better terms, ask for $1000 DAS and $375”.

I can’t get to that number based your recommendation of $2K off of MSRP before incentives in the LH lease calculator. I can’ even get that on 18 with higher incentives. Can you please how you got to the $375 and $1000 DAS on the 19?


Base trim.

You are looking at the Touring trim.


He mentioned Touring as well which is why I was confused. But if you are referring to Base, that makes sense.


The base can be had for $340 month with $1K DAS