SIGNED v2: 2018 Honda Clarity Base - NEW - $1000 DAS - $282 monthly. Re-signed 1/1/19



You should consider the fantastic deal on a 2018 Clarity as the new 2019 won’t show till Feb/March.


Hey man congrats on the deal! I’m out here in Costa Mesa can you PM the dealer info plz?


PM sent …


RSM Honda will match the deal and throw in Honda care. PM for me for the contact. Only thing is~ they only have 1 and it’s Burgundy/Beige. I went into the dealership in person to confirm it.

Honda Clarity Hybrid plugin Lease 2018

Awesome deal, just wish that car had better styling…


Wow, thanks for letting us know that the 2018 Clarity can still be had for a bargain @Alex


I am Planing to lease 2018 Honda clarity plug in hybrid do we still have that 289/month deal with $1000 down. Please send me the dealer info…


Is this deal still available?


I’ll send you a PM. Scratch RSM Honda they’re shady I’ll send you the list pat sent me.


Im looking at leasing a Clarity Plug-in very soon. If anyone has any dealer recommendations, i’d appreciate it. Has anyone had any experience in negotiating a lower monthly rate with a higher down payment?


PM sent…


Ah shady dealers - yes there are many out there!

I had a Van Nuys Honda dealer quote me $275 per month before tax and then when you get there, they say that the $2,000 add on items (tint, alarm and door edge guards) have to be added in - making the car price now $335 plus tax !! Outrageous dealer but I guess there are people who are suckers and fall for the extra items being crammed down your throat ???


I’m looking to lease a Clarity plugin hybrid as well. If you can share a dealer info, I’d greatly appreciate it!


Hey guys a little help with the Clarity in SoCal:

The lease cash should be cut down from $7600 to $3800 however American Honda Finance has not changed it yet on their end. AHF will likely get snubbed when they try to get that money from the Gov’t. If you want a Clarity with huge rebate potential now is definitely the time. I would recommend finding a dealership that has a fair amount of them in stock. My store has 0 - 2 at any given time so we aren’t giving them away.

Honda dealerships in this area tend to deal with online price shoppers in three ways:

  1. Surprise you with accessories upon arrival
  2. Give you a super-low quote and then rack up the interest rate/MF
  3. Tell you to go to the stores doing 1 or 2 and swing by if the deal isn’t real

I have been moving to strategy #3 with people I speak with on the phone and email. I even send them a total breakdown of what the deal should be, down to the penny, and tell them to bring it to the competitor.

I do understand that some of you have hackrpwrz however you may just want to go beat the shit out of a few sales teams in person if you really want a Clarity before the incentives change by over 3k.


What are you talking about here, man? The rebate is still there for Honda as they are very very far away from the 200k evs sold limit. The Honda lease cash is still 7600, i just got that a few days ago. Stop with the FUD already, you should know this stuff.


Congratulations on your deal! Can you please PM me the dealer info? It’s really hard to negotiate a deal here at San Diego. Thanks.


And let me guess, you never get those deals because you try to utilize FUD to land a deal and reply with wise ass sore loser remarks when you can’t match or get in the ballpark on a deal?

I hate dealing with pricks like you at dealerships. Just because you can’t touch a deal doesn’t mean someone else can’t. Most of the time, your crap deals aren’t even in the ballpark which is why the response is what you posted above. Good thing we’ve learned how to deal with your types. We spend that money elsewhere!


Yikes lots of anger on these forums. I can approve most any deal however if we only have a few we would rsther sell it for a profit as opposed to a dead-even or loser deal. As I mentioned before I definitely encourage anyone in the market to go to a dealership with a decent stock of Claritys - great car!


Yes, this is true - the tactics some dealers use is just amazing.

I have personally experienced all 3 styles of dealers when looking for the Clarity last month.
There were 2 So Cal dealers who said they do not pass the $7600 incentive to the customer.They said they keep the incentive for all lease deals - that was super greedy of the dealer preying on unsuspecting customers.

My list of “transparent dealers” was whittled down from 2 dozen to 4 dealers so it takes work to find the dealer that will give you a LH deal.

Have to say what @HondaSoCal is saying is absolutely true - the dealers that have a dozen on their lot are much more willing to go below cost and do a “loser” deal. They rely on volume total units sold vs profit per car.

The dealers that don’t have much and don’t have competition will play the games not worthy of LH deal.


Not every store is relying on volume - it is just the fact that their supply and demand for that specific vehicle has shifted. If they have more then the supply is larger and they can get more aggressive. I see reports on what all the stores in the area make per deal on average, and you would be surprised how well those larger stores do on deals.

My store did give a few Claritys away at a ridiculous deal…

The first one my GSM thought the offer was before tax, title, and license and it was an OTD offer. We traded for that vehicle too.

The second time it happened was on a boring Tuesday where nobody was in the store except an all-day grinder.

These were both about a $1,000 loser deal.

Sometimes the stars align and you can capitilize on desperation or how stupid all us people in the industry are.