Signed: TWO 2023 Ariya 18m/10K: Venture+ FWD $103.46/month and Engage+ AWD $155.1/month both 0 DAS

Thanks to the Leasehackr community for sharing great lease deals. The forum has many interesting Nissan Ariya hacks. My deals might not be the best, but I’m impressed with the car, especially with these low payments.

  • 2023 Venture+ FWD: $103.46/month, MSRP: $48,525.00
  • 2023 Engage+ AWD: $164.21/month, MSRP: $53,895.00 (1st payment by dealer)

Cars were leased from different dealers in TX. I don’t have the exact rebate breakdown, but we agreed on the payments, and the cars were delivered.


Great deal. Enjoy the cars. please check your DM.

Those are great prices! I guess there’s no sales tax in Texas. I am in Louisiana and I’ve called Mississippi and Texas, and all their dealer tracks are down, the software got hacked. You didn’t run into that trouble? What city or area is this in?

do you know if either of dealers are willing to replicate this deal?

Both sold out the 2023 model years as far as I know