Signed Toyota Highlander XLE 2019 $430 a Month 24months 30K miles $430 Down

What do you guys think about this deal? This is Boston, MA. I got a 24 months 15K/Year lease on Toyota Highlander XLE MSRP $43,182. I paid only first payment as a down payment which was $430. Taxes and all fees included in the lease price. Total after 24 months I’ll be paying $10,320 for 30k Miles.

Toyota Highlander XLE 2019
MSRP: $ 43,182
Monthly Payment: $430
Drive-Off Amount: $430 (first monthly payment)
Months: 24
Annual Mileage: 15K

Seems pretty good on a 2yr/15k, I assume 3yr would have been about $50/mo cheaper. Msds are always a great idea

3 years for 36K was about $350 but I wanted a 2 years lease.

What was the selling price on this?

Selling Price $37,990