Signed SoCal Volvo inscription xc90

Took a bit of calling around. All done over the phone except paperwork signing. Thanks for all the help … got the deal I wanted. FYI brokers were useless … both people wanted to help but never got back to me.

2019 Volvo inscription xc90 msrp $71580 ( car sitting in the lot for 39 days)

**MSRP: $71580
**Selling Price: $58000 ( including 995 lease wear and tear Package )
**Monthly Payment: $618 ( 10.25% tax included)
**Cash Due at Signing: $1406 ( plus 6750 for 10 msd)
**MSD:10 ; $6750
**Incentives: Costco 1000, 5000 Volvo

**Annual Mileage:10k
**MF:0.00144 before msd

**Leasehackr Score:10.4

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Congrats, I assume the selling price already includes rebates right?

All rebates included in selling price

Which Dealer?

It doesn’t say specifically, but was this a new car or a loaner? If it was a new car how did you get such a big discount? (20.4% discount on MSRP according to my math before optional lease warranty reduced the discount)

Are they having difficulty moving the higher MSRP cars? Or is just that there is more fat available for trimming in these cars?

Great deal on a very well equipped car!

Can’t be a demo as Costco is applied.

$58000-$995 gives a selling price of $57005. Add back in the $6000 in rebates and you get a 12% pre-rebate sales price which sounds just about right. If the $58000 was pre-rebates, I’d expect a much lower lease payment.

New car

Getting the discount was tough as most dealers were not willing to move off 17-18% off Msrp. Pretty much told to take that deal if you can get it. Got a price of 58k (19%) from the dealer as the salesman was aggressive ( has sold 7-8 xc90 s this month). The wear and tear was a rare bonus that I would not expect anyone to get FYI