Signed Palisade Limited AWD

Based on @MrSo0h0o Deal, I really wanted the Palisade and thought i received a good deal. Probably not the best but I am okay with it.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 Hyundai Palisade Limited AWD
MSRP: $49633.19
Monthly Payment: $634
Drive-Off Amount: $1699
Annual Mileage:10K
Residual: 29601
Incentives: 1500
Region: Northeast, NYC
Leasehackr Score:
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

I will sign up for the bonus drive as well shortly so thats an extra $500 rebate.
Sorry about the calulator link, this is my first post like this.
But my paperwork is below:

Looks like they’re charging you .00223 MF, which I believe is pretty significantly marked up, pretty much eating up all of your discount. What did Edmunds give you for buy rate MF?

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I did not use any sites before I went in, I called and asked for a comparable deal and provided the previous contract.

If it’s the car you wanted and you’re okay with the deal then you’re good. Otherwise, the reality is you probably could have gotten a higher end more expensive car like an XC90 for a comparable price or even less, especially if it’s a loaner. However, nothing is more important than buying what you actually want. I ordered a Wrangler and got a decent deal but probably could have gotten a better deal on an in stock unit but I would rather pay more for what I reallt want and will be happy with.


Unfortunately, they didn’t give you a comparable deal

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Ah it is what it is, I had other dealerships asking for $4400,$5000,$7000 DAS. Crazy numbers

I’ve definitely seen much worse deals on the palisade (see 99% of the deals on the palisade forums). In the future, the best way to get a great lease deal is to be as educated as possible in every aspect of the deal and really know where you can go with it. It’ll save you thousands of dollars.

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Ok thanks, anyway that my calculator numbers can be adjusted properly? I filled in what I could ?

What is the MSRP on the window sticker? The $49633 number you have isn’t correct.

You’ll need the correct MF, RV, and incentives. I’m assuming then$1500 in incentives you’ve listed is the $1000 lease incentive plus $500 bonus drive rebate?

i have updated it the MSRP on the stick was actually lower than what was on my contract.

Your contract doesn’t list the MSRP anywhere. That’s not what the gross cap cost value is.

With that said, MSRP on a limited awd palisade starts at $47745 before accessories, so your latest calculator numbers don’t make sense.

Which does not match up with any of my numbers ? I thought i had this down pat and ready to go to try to lease but apparently i was so not prepared.

The window sticker you got will have the MSRP listed. It will include the extra cost for color (if you got white), any port installed extras (floor mats, cargo cover, first aid kit, etc), and the destination charge. It will be at least $47745.

Posting this for what feels like the 10th time this week lol


I look at the other leasing article but this helps tremendously… Thanks

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@Nicholas_Xavier sorry that you couldn’t get close to my deal… dont mean to beat a dead horse but you should have first and foremost checked what the RV and MF was for March on Edmunds. Then you should have brought back the initial offer here for everyone to review before signing.

Can you provide us with the MSRP that is on your vehicle sticker? I wonder, seeing that incentives increased to $1500, if HMF increased the MF to compensate. Are you Tier 1 credit?

Hi there I know this is an older post but I am curious how you got that MF
My calculations are MF=5199.68/(47227.66+29,601.90)36
What am I missing?

Your numbers look right. I may have fat fingered something when typing into the calculator.

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