Signed NEW MY22 AUDI e-tron ⚡️RS GT $165K YearOne Package 24/7.5K ($1299 Effective)

Signed NEW MY22 AUDI e-tron :zap:RS GT $165K YearOne Package 24/7.5K ($1299 Effective)


Looks and performance. Congrats

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This should be hackable with the residual and MF

Did Elon see something we didn’t- hence he was first to cut prices

I see early 2020 all over again - sooner than later. There are dozens of new higher line EV offerings that have come online in the last 18 months. Supply is way outstripping demand and manufacturers and dealers are adjusting in real time. Yes - Elon - always the great disruptor. :zap:

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It’s not because of the way the discount works. They get a large % of the 15% money from the manufacturer - if they sell below the 15% they lose the holdback and other money in the car. So anything below 15% is a true loss to the dealership. Perhaps you could find one to go a little deeper, but i don’t think anyone will go to the discount necessary to really hack it, since its legit a huge loss. Perhaps in a month or two once they lose lease support. Even then, wholesaling it would be cheaper than selling it for that big of a loss. Unfortunate reality

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This is a car that I (we) wanted to experience and at $165K MSRP is super significant money. To drive it at the $1.3K monthly average payment, I consider to be very acceptable. Especially (except the EQS deals and now @Carbuster1 ‘supposed’ massive ET GT P+ hack) when we are still seeing here signings on $70-85K rides that approach $1K effective payments.

I’m more than stoked to get to try it out.


It seems like someone else on here was able to stack the Costco with the rest of the incentives, too bad you couldn’t do that, but driving a 165K car for $1300 a month is not bad, post some pics when you get it!

I’m sure that there will be excellent deals in the next 60-90 days, but yes…I’m happy at the cost of this RS experience.

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Do you really think these deals will get better in the next 30 to 60 days? I guess they could, but the availability of 2022 models is dwindling. My guess is this is likely as good as the lease deal on these is going to get.

Looks like you could buy low mileage used 2022 for somewhere around $120,000 at auction, but I imagine holding that for two years you lose more in depreciation and time value of money then you would just leasing a new one.

I think I’m gonna pull the trigger on an identical deal. I have a base Porsche Taycan and was going to upgrade to a 4S, GTS, or turbo, but this optioned RS lease seems like a much better deal for the dollar.

The RS GT fully optioned is such a nice ride and not wanting for anything in reality. The 24 month term will certainly hold me over until Audi makes a marked improvement range wise…and that seems to be coming with the forthcoming electric A6 Avant/Allroad - which is forecasted to have over 400 mile range.

Is that one pay with tax or plus tax?