Signed! New 2024 Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo 4S/$155k MSRP/$717 Base Monthly w/$2800 DAS But…Ended Up Being $0 DAS!?!

Just wanted to let you know that my friend in South Carolina used your example and is now is almost in process of getting a 2022 taycan 4s for 849$ ,0 down but with acquisition fees and taxes which is not a lot and will show it as his work car for tax benefits . You sir have created a new generation of hackers. It’s not a unicorn but it is definitely a decent deal compared to what people got initially. He wanted me to thank you for his new porche and told me to let you know that you will be in their prayers every Sunday till the lease ends;)))


Yes it is lol

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Think they mean the deal their friend got.

The deal their friend got is a unicorn too.

So to close the loop, I got further clarity on this situation, won’t say from who or how (has nothing to do with OP or their dealer, no idea who the dealer is).


  1. The dealer knowingly was okay taking a confirmed $18,000 hard loss


  1. They thought they were getting back the entire 15k of the 22,500 in rebates, and because they didn’t understand how this worked, they are now just on the hook for the 18k hard loss.

It seems like #2 is likely, which doesn’t matter for OP, he got it done and the car is his, but I suspect much like @HersheySweet’s EQS deal caused a bulletin for MB dealers, this is probably going to warrant a bulletin from Porsche re-explaining to dealers how the lease match program works.


Thanks to OP for sharing their deal.