Signed New 2019 BMW 740i M-Sport


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2019 BMW 740i M-Sport Singapore Metallic Grey

**MSRP: $90,975
**Selling Price: $65,475 ( with 2k incentives)
**Monthly Payment: $702/with tax
**Cash Due at Signing: $2390 ( drive offs except acq… so if im reading my contract right $625 went to cap reduction )
**MSD: 0
**Incentives: 2000 loyalty

**Months: 36
**Annual Mileage: 12k
**MF: .00165
**Residual: 54%

**Region: SoCal
**Leasehackr Score: not sure dont know how to use calculator. (lol)

Also gonna apply to get the the CCA rebate of $1,500 - 134 membership…( which will make the DAS $1024 ) anyways let me know what you think. Thanks


Excellent deal! Was this a new vehicle or a demo/loaner?

I just closed a very comprable lease deal (36/10K) on a 2019 740i demo (2,200 miles) and was hoping to apply for the CCA rebate but discovered that they don’t honor it on demos or loaners with more than 1000 miles.

Here are my numbers:
**MSRP: $95,XXX
**Selling Price: $64,XXX ( with 14k incentives)
**Monthly Payment: $703/with tax
**Cash Due at Signing: $1500
**MSD: 0


Awesome guys!! I’m getting close to a deal here in Houston. What makes it an m-sport? From pictures it seems like a regular 740 to me. Is the wheels? I’m currently renting one on business trip and that air suspension makes the car so smooth.


You can google these things.


@SoCal1 thanks Brand New 1 mile on it… lol

@eok45 thanks if you google 2019 740i go to images and you can see the regular and the M-Sport. Yes that air suspension is like driving on clouds…

@max_g lol

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That would be something since they put a few miles on every car coming off the line, as far as I know. And dealer probably needs to drive it to fill up.


Sick…you got the sky lounge! That’s a rare option. Looks amazing!


Ok maybe 2 then… @Ursus

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Awesome 7 Series! FYI the CCA rebate is a check you receive in the mail after you purchase the vehicle. You will effectively be at $1024 ($89+$134 CCA enrollment) after you sign and you submit the membership reward certificate to the CCA.


Thanks @BMWDavid you are correct ill adjust that.

Thanks @Rondtable

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Mind sharing dealer info? Would love to grab one of these for myself!!!

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Ill PM you @DarkKnight

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if anyone knows where i can replicate this deal please let me know !!! im heavily interested as my 535 lease is up in just a few weeks !


Will PM you the info.

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Share the dealer info plz

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Worked for BMW for a bunch of years, never saw one that had just 1 mile on it. I’d double check your paperwork to find your beginning mileage and double check that with the keyfob in the service department. You wouldn’t want to be caught in some kind of mileage discrepancy at the end of your lease.

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You meant to reply to @Pinky. It is not just BMW, I’ve never had any new car with 1 mile. He was probably just making a point that the car was brand new.

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Ill PM you @rxgc

@MSBHVN-1 what @Ursus :point_up::point_up::point_up::point_up::point_up: said…to be exact the car had 6 miles on it after the test drive.