Signed:New 2019 BMW 530xi Msport. $599/36mo/12kmi 67K MSRP


Year, Make, Model, and Trim: New 2019 BMW 530xi M-Sport
MSRP: $67k
Monthly Payment: $599
Drive-Off Amount: $ tax, inception, first payment
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12k
Incentives: 1,000 (conquest), 1750 (lease incentive),1000 (CCA)
Region: IL

Overall feedback, I was working with a different dealership on a similar vehicle (1000) cheaper and had us at roughly 580 but for 10,000 miles instead of 12,000. Unfortunately, that car sold on the day we were supposed to go in and crunch some final numbers together. I was able to get this deal at a different dealership in about an hour. Could we have done a little better? Honestly, probably just a little better. But, given there are only 2 2019 M sports left in the area, we capitalized and took the car. The owner is beyond happy, and the deal wasn’t to shabby for an hours work of negotiation.


Waiting for the “you left money on the table” comments

He definitely did. It is a loaded 530, but still, $599 for a 530 when you can get one easily under $500?

I got a $75k sticker 540 with 499/mo with similar drive offs.

Wow so cool…

I mean it is what it is.

What region? And was yours new or a demo?

NJ. It was a loaner.

@otto Congrats on your deal. I am curious, what was the discount / sale price pre-incentives?