SIGNED MISSOURI 2019 AUDI E TRON Premium Plus-$594 (w/Tax) $594 DAS & 9 MSDs

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2019 AUDI E TRON Premium Plus-$594 (w/Tax) $0 DAS 9 MSDs

MSRP: $75,470
Monthly Payment: $594 ($551 Pre Tax)
Drive-Off Amount: $0 (First month only-$1199 for Acquisition Fee, TTL, & Admin rolled into lease)
Annual Mileage:12,000
MF: 0.00128 (after 9 MSDs)
Residual: 55%
Incentives: Costco 10% , Lease Cash $7500, Rebate $7500, Additional 3% off MSRP negotiated
Region: Midwest-St Louis Missouri
Leasehackr Score: 11 years
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

First of all I just wanted to say thank you to the LH community. I was not even looking at the E Tron until I saw all these E-tron deals popping up on the forums.

Out of the three dealerships in St Louis, first two had 24/12 quotes around $1050/mo with max MSDs. I emailed the third one saying I could sign the same day if they can give me a good deal. They said they would give me all the rebates but would not share numbers until I came into the dealership. I refused to do that and they just kept stalling through the last week. They finally shared their numbers yesterday which were pretty good except the MF was inflated and Selling Price didn’t have any additional % off. We went back and forth over emails and phone calls for 30 mins and I was at a negotiated MSRP and base MF.

Loyalty would have made this deal a lot better but this is my first Audit lease. Also, no additional post sale rebates in St Louis.

One thing which I looked at more closely when I got home was the fact that I wrote a check for 5,994 (MSDs and first payment) which matched the LH calculator so didn’t think twice and wrote the check. However, on the contract it states that I have put down $6,000 in MSDs as a refundable security deposit even though I only put down $5,400. Contract also shows my total lease cost as $14,093.86 whereas my total lease cost should be $14,748 according to the LH calculator. The difference is roughly the additional $600 in MSDs plus interest. Am I correct in assuming this is a typo on the dealerships part or am I missing something? This is my first time doing MSDs.


That’s a fantastic deal without Loyalty!!


Phenomenal deal. Congrats!

Yeah looks like the dealer made an error and you’ll be getting an extra $600 back at lease end. It says clearly that cash due is $6593.86 yet they collected $600 less. Not sure how finance would make that mistake but sounds like it happened.

The dealer did not collect $600 less. Not sure why OP would list $0 DAS when he also states he paid 1st month at signing.

Care to explain?? OP said he cut a check for $5994 yet amount due in cash says $6594 including $6k MSD.

You are right. I didn’t read the entire post to the end. So OP does state he paid $5400 (MSDs) and first month, but in the title and description of the deal, he also lists $0 DAS.

I believe the dealer wrote the contract correctly, but just collected the wrong amount. Many others have stated that AFS states they accept 10 max MSDs, but only gives MF reduction on 9 of them.

I thought DAS was anything paid on top of the monthly payment. I can change that in the title.

Can you explain your thought process on the MSDs? I paid 5,994 which matches with LH calculator for MSDs AND first payment but contract (picture attached) is showing 1st payment made and Refundable security deposit of 6,000? Wouldn’t that essentially mean they owe me 6,000 at the end of the lease instead of 5,994?

Also contract states total to be paid in cash is 6,593.86 (B3 on contract) but I paid 5,994.

MSD should only be $5400 or $6000, not $5994. According to the contract, you should get $6k back.

MSDs were supposed to be 5400 plus first month payment of $594 and I wrote a check for $5994 (amount the finance guy told me I owed which also matches LH calculator)

However, when I came home I saw the contract states 6,000 in refundable security deposits even though I paid 5,400. Just trying to understand if the dealership messed up or if I misunderstood how MSDs worked since this is my first time doing them.

Thanks! I am really not sure how that would fly either. I think that would’ve flagged when he finalized the contract. Either way I just wanted to make sure I understood what was going on since I haven’t done MSDs before. Thanks for confirming.

great deal. need more pictures!

I actually seriously got into looking into the E Trons after your deal post. Used that as a starting template. Thank you so much for that!

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