Signed: m4 heritage 705 per month 1750 down plus 7MSD


Got a 6MT M4 heritage back in July. I am at MA, no dealer nearby was willing to give more than 8% off. Had to travel all the way to GA to get the car.

The negotiations were not fun. Emailed all the dealers in the north east and mid atl region who had a manual M4. Most of them didn’t even want to give a quote after they hear you want 10% off.

The final deal I got was about 12% off before rebate. Also received 500 from BMW CCA. Overall, a good deal for me.

MSRP: $83xxx
Monthly Payment: $705 before tax
Drive-Off Amount: $1750 Plus 7MSD
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10000
2750 loyalty

Wasn’t so sure about the velvet blue before saw it in person. It looks gorgeous under the sun!


Looks great, but man swirled up already!

You and @chrishs2000 have some catching up to do.


This is my daily ride, not going to make it another garage queen.

Nicely done! Gorgeous color looks blue/purple in different lighting conditions.

Agreed with @Trato on the swirls, dd or not swirls may drive you nuts when you clean it and see those, I know they would bother me.

@chrishs2000 look what I spy in the 3rd pic.

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Same, the charger had a few spots that needed correction on the hood and fender, we have a shop that we give a ton of business too, they did it on the house, had them tint the windows and tailights, and some other stuff, like painting calipers, total cost was about $600

Shouldn’t cost that much for op unless he’s planning to swap out, well worth it to get any imperfections out on these kinds of cars.

wow that’s more purple that I thought it would look like. In some pics online it looks more SMB.

Gorgeous car and amazing deal regardless! I miss my M4!

Congrats OP, great deal :champagne:

The last pic? Looks like glare to me, not swirls.

Great looking car bro! Might you feel comfortable sharing dealer/contact?

Probably not, could just be residue after a wash. Good wipe down with some nice microfiber would take care of that.

If anyone cares enough about detailing, light swirls would probably be taken out easily by a good finishing polish, probably no need for a compound with such a new car.

Then follow it with some easy to apply cquartz after that.

You would be surprised how many new cars have swirls and need paint correction if you are really anal about it, I would consider myself in the moderate range but sometimes it’s just too much, especially after you wash it/detail and it swirls.

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Need more deets on the RYP S2K :heart_eyes:

Great deal!!

Regarding the paint, looks to me like a poor detail job was done, but really impossible to tell from the pics. I’m sure it can easily be corrected.

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Oh man, I just saw that. What a fun looking stable. S2k, NC Miata, and now a M4.

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That s2000 belongs to my friend, it only has 1500 miles on it.

I think I got the last m4 they had. If you want other model, let me know, I will pm you the dealer information.

It was raining that morning, left some water marks/dirt on the car.

Ugh, no way man. :sob:

There’s no way I could not put miles on a car like that!

Understood. Looking for a new 7-Series. Thanks

He has two s2000. One for weekend fun, one for collection.


Oh, well that solves that problem. Man, I wish I had that kinda spendin’ money!

He got both of them about 7 years ago when the price on s2000 were not that crazy. I think both of them have doubled the value if he is willing to sell.

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